Release preparation v1.81

New release candidate is already deployed on QA Satellite



  • 8c8340f go.mod: bump eventkit
  • a463dd0 build: use go 1.19 for nighlty containers


  • c3d72a2 satellite/{accounting,satellitedb}: create tallies for empty buckets
  • 403f5ef satellite/admin: add /api/apikeys/{apikey} GET endpoint
  • 4791a64 satellite/console: add STORJ bonus to transactions
  • e695900 web/satellite: migrate webpack to vite
  • 037b077 satellite/console: Disable all projects dashboard by default
  • 058dbd4 web/satellite: Disable limits area of dashboard
  • 09c87a1 web/satellite: update transactions table design
  • 87f2da9 web/satellite: replace instances of bandwidth and download to egress
  • eb4fd21 satellite/{console,web}: prevent unneeded redirect to all projects dashboard
  • 8c4a9f9 web/satellite: improve onboarding CLI flow small screen adaptation
  • 89457b3 web/satellite: initial implementation of gallery view
  • 2e3ed97 satellite/{consoleapi,web}: limit user input
  • 1132411 satellite/admin: secure accidental user email change
  • 52cefb8 satellite/satellitedb: add utility for converting slices
  • accf695 web/satellite: options dropdown and details modal for gallery view
  • b64be23 web/satellite: added distribution modal for gallery view
  • 6359c53 satellite/console: add API methods for responding to project invites
  • cafa6db web/satellite: show project invitations in all projects dashboard
  • c858479 web/satellite: show project invitations in dashboard area
  • 1437257 satellite: save and return which node features are enabled
  • 7d03936 satellite/console/…/consoleapi: keep special chars in registration info
  • 5ee991a web/satellite: delete and share modals for gallery view
  • 5883683 satellite/{consoleweb,emails}: send new email for project invite
  • 4aafa7f web/satellite: fix access grant worker load for production builds
  • f7c7851 satellite/metainfo: filter metainfo.GetObjectIPs by bucket/object placement
  • 3980fcc web/satellite: add project details link to dashboard nav area
  • 5c26661 dbx/satellitedb: introduce new default_placement fields for users/projects
  • 2ea6ca9 satellite/console: fill default placement of project based on user info
  • e4b8feb satellite/metainfo: use default_placement of project during bucket creation


  • b64179c {storagenode/pieces,cmd/storagenode}: refactor lazyfilewalker commands and tests
  • 1966340 storagenode: report fastopen support



  • 61ad575 cmd/uplink: exclude unnecessary spans from distributed tracing