Release preparation v1.82

Enable All Projects dashboard
Release candidate is deployed on QA Satellite and ready for testing




  • df53914 satellite/satellitedb: use utilities for conversions
  • 7422fe3 satellite/db: add memberCount to project by userID
  • 6ca9f6d web/satellite: add projects table to all projects dashboard
  • aea3baf satellite/accounting/tally: calculate pending object count
  • 61933bc satellite/{metainfo,metabase}: optimize expired/zombie objects deletion
  • 8a01bcf web/satellite: Move pricing plan files
  • 8f7c59d satellite/web: hide project details link for project members
  • e83e98e web/satellite: vuetify POC
  • bb620e7 satellite/satellitedb: add index for project_members project_id column
  • 62e3b2c web/satellite: enable customers to purchase packages after onboarding
  • acdc9f3 satellite/analytics: add events for project member invitation responses
  • c8f31f1 web/satellite: send analytics events for project invitation responses
  • 771ec32 satellite/console: Update CSP to include
  • 8cdc5bd web/satellite: add invites to all projects dashboard table
  • 3d1e429 web/satellite: properly style all projects dashboard
  • 2ab6e00 satellite/satellitedb: add method to return project members and invites
  • 0cbb0ee satellite/console: delete project invitations with project members
  • 5b1c22a satellite/console/consoleweb/consoleql: include invites in member pages
  • d394249 satellite/console: only return unexpired project invitations to user
  • 00d233b satellite/satellitedb: remove duplicate NullUUID
  • cc08555 satellite/{console, db}: endpoint to get all API key names by project ID
  • 782811c web/satellite: check if AG name is free to use at the beginning of creation flow
  • 09a7d23 satellite/console: add endpoint to invite users to project
  • 62c29ee web/satellite: use new invite functionality
  • ed37d72 web/satellite: change order of projects and invitations in dashboard
  • 8ee7d10 web/satellite: show project invitations in the Team page
  • 6b65b7e satellite/{console,satellitedb}: clean up obsolete project member code
  • 4a49bc4 satellite/payments: fix account freeze chore race condition
  • 6c08d50 satellite/metainfo: stop sending delete requests to SN
  • 2e0b687 satellite/metainfo: drop piecedeletion package
  • 3bc300e satellite/console: optionally serve vuetify POC from satellite
  • 2a4c1fa web/satellite: add delimiters to large numbers on project dashboard
  • 6761782 satellite/db: fix long loadtime for charges endpoint
  • 6268c75 satellite/console: Enable all projects dashboard by default
  • dbd575e satellite/{web,console}: verify invite link
  • cb9a7bd satellite/repair/repairer: make DialTimeout configurable
  • fe0c3a1 web/satellite: updated styling of Upload hover component
  • 1eee2fa satellite/{db, admin}: added endpoints to update user’s and project’s user_agent
  • eb636f5 satellite/admin: add UI functionality to update user’s or project’s user agent
  • bbdeb1e satellite/gc/bloomfilter: enable sync observer by default
  • d18f4f7 satellite/console: don’t delete expired project invitations
  • 28b2384 satellite/console/…/consoleql: add project invite expiration status
  • ac1ff0e satellite/accounting/tally: handle well bucket names with escape char
  • 2caa505 satellite/console: add endpoint to get invite link
  • e06b94d web/satellite: update project settings link styling


  • 3e3ec23 web/storagenode: zksync era compatible links wallet/transactions
  • b6026b9 storagenode/piecestore: fix ingress graph skewed by larger signed orders

What’s all this “invites”?

+1 zksynk era

What is the rationale behind this? In my eyes this seems to result in deleted data remaining on nodes even longer and concentrating delete activity in massive IO spikes on the node end. Both not exactly ideal for node operators.

if you click on the commits, you will see the explanation. For more details, see the github issue Stop sending delete requests to Storage Nodes from the satellite · Issue #5888 · storj/storj · GitHub

satellite/metainfo: stop sending delete requests to SN
We decided that we will stop sending explicit delete requests to nodes and we will cleanup deleted with GC instead. [#5888](


satellite/metainfo: drop piecedeletion package
We are not using this package anymore.

I saw those but they don’t explain much. However, I just sow JT’s post here: Design draft: fixing deletes and server side copy
I’ll address my concerns there.