Release preparation v1.83

New release candidate is deployed on QA Satellite and ready for tests



  • 05f92fe web/satellite: show full access credentials when not hidden
  • 1712e69 web/satellite: add data dimension label to charts on project dashboard
  • adbd4fb web/satellite: applied styling updates for gallery view
  • 25c21f0 web/satellite: add project role for expired invitations
  • ad9b0df satellite/admin: fix paid tier field on /api/apikeys/{apikey} endpoint
  • 9e3fd4d satellite/overlay: delete unused method
  • 203c6be satellite/repair/repairer: test repairing geofenced segment
  • 355ea21 satellite/audit: remove pieces when audits fail
  • 1166fdf satellite/gc: add piece tracker ranged loop observer
  • 3180e09 satellite/metainfo: increase default MaxEncryptedObjectKeyLength
  • eb407b2 satellite/overlay: delete unused KnownOffline method
  • 265ac59 satellite/analytics: register gallery view click event
  • 7530a3a satellite/console: add CORS middleware to satellite UI and API
  • 1b912ec satellite/{web,analytics}: add segment events for passphrase modals
  • 22f8b02 satellite/console: fix transaction error when inviting project members
  • 80c5a62 satellite/console/dbcleanup: remove project invite cleanup
  • 2ae75bc satellite/console: prevent invite replies from deleting expired invites
  • 99f4a34 web/satellite: add button for resending expired project invitations
  • 79eb718 satellite/{web,analytics}: add row actions to project members
  • 98f4f24 satellite/overlay: refactor KnownReliable to be used with repairer
  • 9374edf web/satellite: added dropzone styling for object browser
  • bcce602 web/satellite: show custom invitation text in registration page
  • 30d0094 satellite/console: prevent unauthorized project mutation
  • 7d44f99 web/satellite: add My Projects button to All Projects Dashboard
  • b1523f8 satellite/admin: add owner full name on /api/apikeys/{apikey} endpoint
  • e129841 satellite/metabase: remove AOST from deleteInactiveObjectsAndSegments
  • ec78000 web/satellite: add responsiveness to upgrade notification
  • 578724e satellite/repair/repairer: use KnownReliable to check segment pieces
  • 6f078ac web/satellite: add gallery view caching
  • 14beb9a web/satellite: update button hover state to match the figma
  • a010459 satellite/payments/stripe/{client,server}: add set invoice status cmd
  • 706cd0b satellite/console: allow for adding unregistered project members
  • 0d0e8cc web/satellite: fix for too many objects banner in object browser
  • faf5b96 satellite/console/dbcleanup: make chore clean up webapp sessions
  • 96d3c41 satellite/metabase: convert bucket name to bytes for queries
  • f1fab9e web/satellite: update styling of session timeout selection modal
  • bd3aaf4 web/satellite: adjust mobile header padding and logo
  • 0ca7d19 web/satellite: show cursor as pointer when selecting session timeout
  • cd9feb6 web/satellite: split projects by whether user owns them
  • c006126 web/satellite: add Back button to Bucket Details page
  • 8d8f673 satellite/{db, accounting}: added functionality to query settled bandwidth for given project
  • f131047 web/satellite: match projects table with the designs
  • 01e33e7 cmd/satellite: make satellite docker image compatible with storj-up
  • d38b8fa satellite/nodeselection: use the same Node object from overlay and nodeselection
  • cb41c51 web/satellite: abort request to get object count in 10 seconds
  • 1173877 {satellite/console,web/satellite}: encode email in project invite URLs
  • 0325462 satellite/admin: fix spelling of list-apikeys endpoint
  • 500b624 satellite/satellitedb: create table for node tags
  • f2cd7b0 satellite/overlay: refactor Reliable to be used with repair checker
  • 21c1e66 satellite/overlay: refactor ReliabilityCache to keep more data
  • 2c34640 satellite/metainfo: fix bucket name validation
  • 5261045 satellite/entrypoint: Ignore unset variable errors while checking for VALID_EXECUTABLE


  • 2463b88 storagenode/piecestore: fix TestUpload
  • a740f96 storagenode/pieces/lazyfilewalker: test zapwrapper
  • 6a3802d satellite,storagenode: propagate node tags with NodeCheckin


  • 0421ef2 docs/testplan: add testplan for inviting project members (#5811)


  • 7ac2031 web/multinode: fix wrong free disk space in allocation on dashboard



I noticed on my testnet node that this version drops millisecond precision from the log timestamps. Was this intentional?


Previous node versions log like this


It’s not a big deal, but I kind of liked having that precision.

@clement could that be related to one of your bugfixes?

Yes this is related to the recent bug fix on the time format used by zap logger. We changed it to strictly use the RFC3339. It’s not a big deal


I’ve been running the storagenode binary bare metal on my system (no docker) and use the Github “latest release” page to automatically check for updates. Unfortunately there seems to be a bit of a delay between the satellite enforced max-2-version upload block and the Github “latest release” page being updated, resulting in days of lost ingress on my node.

Would it be possible for the latest release page to be updated a little earlier to prevent this?

Edit: Probably just a false alarm, I restarted my node (1.8.10) and started seeing ingress again, so not sure what I was doing wrong.

You should not be checking that page, instead let storagenode_updater handle updating the node to the appropriate version to implement gradual rollouts.

If updater does not work for you (FreeBSD version is still broken) you can check and download recommended there version (e.g. like so), but this will bypass gradual rollout and therefore shall be avoided whenever possible.


I’m using v1.84.1 is latest but still no working

Could you please elaborate, what is not working?
What is OS, docker or binary?

Thanks Alexey, I follow Node stopped responding overnight. Still shows OFFLINE after restart - Node Operators / troubleshooting - Storj Community Forum (official) and something in the port forwarding is crashing, is solved for now.

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