Release preparation v1.85



  • d45bc87 {Jenkinsfile, Makefile}: update Go to 1.20.6
  • dc1509e Makefile,web: bump to node@18
  • d9525a0 cmd/tools/migrate-segment-copies: fix placement scan from DB
  • 16c5b3c mod: bump uplink to v1.11.0
  • e78658d go.mod: use latest maxmind-golang library
  • 61afbbf release v1.85.0-rc


  • ca263c0 web/satellite/vuetify-poc: go to all projects dashboard on logo click
  • 7d1031f satellite/accounting: fix duplicate code-block
  • a058b7e web/satellite: fix npm for windows
  • 2c934d1 satellite/console: trigger invoice payment on card remove
  • 6e4044b satellite/payments: slightly refactor user upgrade observer of billing chore
  • f30e098 web/satellite/vuetify-poc: fix app store name conflict
  • 73a2792 satellite/accounting/live: get project totals in batches
  • 9086078 web/satellite: remove glob patterns from linting commands
  • 5a03e29 web/satellite/vuetify-poc: unmock all projects dashboard data
  • 28711e3 web/satellite/vuetify-poc: add project ID to project-specific routes
  • 5db0fd8 web/satellite: wire up vuetify access page to backend
  • 6d94d6a satellite/{console, accounting}: fix project bandwidth calculation which is shown on project dashboard
  • 7487809 web/satellite: unmock list buckets in vuetify app
  • 28737f5 web/satellite: Implement “sign out” in vuetify poc
  • 3d9c217 satellite/metabase: add pending_objects table
  • 4cc167a satellite/metabase: use better label for ignoring FTS queries
  • cc12a48 satellite/admin: extend admin API to allow setting and deleting geofence for projects
  • 2c56599 web/satellite: revert uploads queue size
  • c934974 satellite/{console,web}: update error handling
  • fcbb37f web/satellite: fix build-watch
  • 62f52c8 web/satellite/vuetify: add charts to project dashboard
  • ae5e742 web/satellite: update wording for upgrade account banner
  • ceef4b8 web/satellite/vuetify: added change password dialog
  • af69e20 web/satellite: fix errant pagination
  • d40091a web/satellite/vuetify: change name dialog
  • 59034ca web/satellite: upgraded aws-sdk dependencies to resolve vulnerabilities
  • 65aa9c1 satellite/gc/sender: adjust some defaults
  • 7c65c0c satellite/{db,console,payments}: unfreeze user with no failed invoices
  • f7b39aa satellite/nodeselection: remove stats/size from nodeselection state
  • 63c8cfe satellite/nodeselection: remove CountryCodeExclude
  • 2d2f1b8 web/satellite: show pending transactions during token upgrade flow
  • 391a63f web/satellite: bump Vuetify to v3.3.10
  • cebf255 satellite/metabase: adjust BeginObjectNextVersion to use pending_objects
  • 7b2006a satellite/metabase: adjust BeginSegment to use pending_objects table
  • fac522d web/satellite: implement vuetify poc project dashboard

Is it fastopen activated here for windows users?

Just subscribe to this issues and you will get a notification: Windows support for TCP Fast Open · Issue #5990 · storj/storj · GitHub

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