Release preparation v1.86

New release candidate is deployed on QA Satellite



  • f408057 satellite/metabase: adjust segment commit to use pending_objects table
  • 034542d web/satellite/vuetify: add enable MFA dialog
  • 2ed0892 satellite/api: configuration option to set additional node tag authorities
  • 03c52f1 satellite/metabase: adjust CommitObject to use pending_objects table
  • 0b02a48 satellite/nodeselection: SelectBySubnet should use placement filters for all nodes
  • 6e46a92 satellite/nodeselection: expand SelectedNode
  • d8d3bb5 web/satellite/vuetify: added update session timeout dialog
  • 70f6b60 satellite/console: add get user projects http endpoint
  • e5bcb8b web/satellite: use get user projects http endpoint
  • e2e437d web/satellite: use analytics pinia module instead of direct API requests
  • a4f7f06 web/satellite/vuetify: added analytics events for currently implemented functionality
  • 256bd18 satellite/console: add get project api keys http endpoint
  • fa4f5a6 web/satellite: use get project api keys http endpoint
  • f57bc81 satellite/console: add create api key http endpoint
  • 185ebe3 web/satellite/vuetify: added notifications
  • 00531fe web/satellite/vuetify: add disable MFA dialog
  • a5cbec7 satellite/metabase: drop bucket deletion code for copy with references
  • 5345ead web/satellite: use create API key http endpoint
  • 6c3300c satellite/console: add delete api keys http endpoint
  • 03f8ad3 satellite/metabase: remove segment_copies support from ListSegments
  • 9550b5f satellite/metabase: drop object deletion code for copy with references
  • 7be8443 satellite/metainfo: remove ServerSideCopyDuplicateMetadata
  • b21041d web/satellite/vuetify: add recovery MFA codes dialog
  • 34e1caa satellite: add get user paged projects http endpoint
  • 55b23d2 web/satellite: use get owned projects http endpoint
  • 887209b satellite/metabase: fix CommitObject query for postgres
  • 683119b satellite/console: get project members endpoint
  • a00ec7a satellite/console: create http endpoint for getting bucket usage totals
  • 9e00d49 web/satellite: use get buckets http endpoint instead of graphql
  • 9e3d54f satellite/admin: extend API to allow setting and deleting account level geofence
  • ea94bc7 web/satellite/vuetify-poc: add access grant creation flow
  • c931234 web/satellite: use project members http endpoint instead of graphql
  • eace6e3 web/satellite/vuetify-poc: fix dialog close button position
  • 37a027a web/satellite/vuetify-poc: hide input message areas with no content
  • 8116332 web/satellite/vuetify-poc: remove project description from nav button
  • 5bdb7bc satellite/console: add update project http endpoint
  • a887113 web/satellite: use update project http endpoint
  • 7d149dc web/satellite: use delete API keys http endpoint
  • 6b2fb9d web/satellite: use force delete bucket
  • e226606 web/satellite: updates for large file upload
  • 0335697 satellite/accounting/live: ensure we don’t panic when we get nil
  • 6c035a7 web/satellite: modify ‘add STORJ token’ behavior for free-tier users
  • 75f2152 web/satellite: modularize session timeout code
  • 8b0d25c web/satellite/vuetify: speed up build commands
  • dbc7443 web/satellite: Set part size back to 64mb
  • 03b4516 web/satellite/vuetify-poc: update alert styling
  • d7d196f web/satellite: small vuetify fixes
  • 969599b satellite/console: delete project members endpoint
  • df60380 web/satellite: use project members delete http endpoint
  • 0fd7f29 web/satellite/vuetify-poc: add functionality to add credit cards
  • ceb7b73 satellite/geoip: exclude nodes with represented_contry from geofencing
  • b9206b1 satellite/console: support hosting Vuetify POC on subdomain
  • 792bb11 satellite/console: Enable gallery view and limits area by default (#6177)
  • 03690da web/satellite/vuetify-poc: add session timeout and refresh
  • 0e17b10 satellite/{nodeselection,overlay}: support annotations on node filters
  • c08792f satellite/overlay: implement an exclude filter for placement configuration
  • baef654 web/satellite/vuetify-poc: fix visibility of input details
  • da08117 satellite/~placement: do not ignore placement check for placement=0
  • d0f5f06 web/satellite/vuetify-poc: add create bucket dialog
  • 93ce4a0 web/satellite/vuetify-poc: fix offscreen notifications
  • 339f30a satellite/{repair,rangedloop,overlay}: fix node tag placement selection for repair
  • e21c035 satellite/repair: piecescheck.OutOfPlacementPiecesSet should not contain offline nodes
  • 6e5c168 satellite/overlay/placement: improve placement configurability with &&, placement, region and ! support in country
  • 644cb52 satellite/nodeselection: remove AutoExcludeSubnet filter


  • a3067b7 storagenode/monitor: ignore shutdown errors


  • 1cbad0f cmd/uplink: add back parallelism
  • b70fb2f cmd/uplink: fix progress bar crash


  • 7f249ab cmd/tools: remove migrate-segment-copies tool
  • dc41978 all: fix golangci failures
  • 6f01a81 Downgrade “context canceled” errors to Info instead of Error (#6166)
  • 1f261bc go.mod: bump lang to 1.19 and common
  • d701f9f Makefile: use storjlabs/ci:slim
  • e585406 satelite/repairer: ignore declumping when subnet filtering is turned off with filter annotation

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