Release preparation v1.88

New release candidate is already deployed on QA Satellite. Ready for early testing



  • ebfbbca web/satellite/vuetify-poc: pull latest changes from internal repo
  • 0c9c378 web/satellite/vuetify-poc: unmock file browser table entries
  • 00194f5 web/satellite: show limit notifications to paid tier users
  • ca0ea50 satellite/overlay: remove/deprecate NodeSelectionCache.Disabled
  • c202929 satellite/nodeselection: rename (NodeFilter).MatchInclude to Match
  • b671641 satellite/console: update CSP to include
  • 28d498f web/satellite/vuetify-poc: allow file browser downloads
  • c9591e9 satellite/metainfo: better metabase errors handling
  • e2006d8 satellite/overlay: change Reliable and KnownReliable
  • 2d18f43 web/satellite/vuetify-poc: show file previews
  • 4e3e31a satellite/console/consoleweb/consoleapi: refactor api requests in tests
  • 775db4a satellite/payments: filter out draft invoices
  • 3f1ea4a web/satellite/vuetify-poc: list invoices
  • 6e1fd12 web/satellite: paginate ListObjects request to show more than 1000 objects
  • 623b989 web/satellite/vuetify-poc: unmock STORJ txs table on billing screen
  • 7311d08 web/satellite/vuetify-poc: upload via drag and drop
  • 091c723 web/satellite: update welcome email links
  • 6195b8c satellite/admin: support more options for passing project ID
  • 82b108d satellite/console/consolewasm: no direct cast to grant.Permission
  • ad87d1d satellite/satellitedb/overlaycache: fill node tags with join for limited number of nodes
  • df03756 satellite/zombiedeletion: remove inactive uploads from pending_objects
  • 754bf5f Revert “satellite/db: optimize project usage query”
  • 8d1a765 satellite/console: Partially revert change to remove graphql
  • 4e499fb satellite/metainfo: respect MaxObjectTTL in BeginObject
  • c52554a web/satellite: vuetify upload file and folder
  • cd7d9cf satellite/{console,payments}: unfreeze user on token payment
  • 54379fc satellite/{console,analytics}: allow limit increase request
  • 2bf4113 web/satellite/veutify-poc: create folder
  • 9254dd2 web/satellite/vuetify-poc: enable object browser pagination
  • c31fb9c satellite/payments: restrict addition of duplicate credit cards
  • 0a3ee6f satellite/metabase: remove old object segments on overwrite
  • 3e73d41 satellite/console/consoleweb: initialize mime lazily
  • 87bfb3b satellite/satellitedb: don’t generate rx
  • 487f64e satellite/satellitedb,multinode/multinodedb: update to latest dbx
  • f9ab2f0 satellite/console: prefix oidc paths with /api/v0/
  • 2cf233a web/satellite/vuetify-poc: hide nav sidebar by default for screens less than 1280px
  • afa5c54 satellite/satellitedb: add placement column to repair_queue
  • 28ee6f0 satellite: don’t use fmt.Print in tests
  • 088496e web/satellite/vuetify-poc: allow for deleting files and folders
  • 4e4da7b web/satellite/vuetify-poc: always show details container under validatable inputs
  • e21978f satellite/metainfo: support getting specific object version
  • 89d682f satellite/metainfo: prevent internal DB errors in Public API
  • c8f4f52 satellite/console: return edge URL overrides in project info responses
  • 4f86975 web/satellite: use edge service URL overrides
  • d91ee44 satellite/metabase: use constant for pending version
  • fb04a22 satellite/metainfo: flag to rollout pending_objects table support
  • 7d8b231 cmd/satellite: build Vuetify project in Dockerfile
  • dcf3f25 satellite/admin: update README
  • ccb9b7a satellite/web/vuetify-poc: make tables consistent
  • 4134641 satellite/metabase: commit object is not respecting expiration time


  • 9ab934e storagenode/piecestore: implement trash recovery for download requests
  • f14fabc cmd/storagenode: add forget-satellite subcommand


  • 3119b61 cmd/uplink: --max-object-ttl flag for share and access restrict commands


  • 8edb9c5 multinode/multinodedb: don’t generate rx


  • b4c95a3 private/apigen/tsgen: Set query params better
  • f40baf8 go.mod: bump dependencies (private,uplink,common)

Looking forward to this.

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