Release preparation v1.92

New release v1.92 is deployed on QA Satellite



  • 20dfced satellite/metainfo: return full object on commit
  • 8b6c60f cmd/satellite: copy wasm files into app/static/wasm subfolder
  • c8e4f00 satellite/metabase: add Prefix status for non-recursive listing
  • 1aadc09 web/satellite: project limit increase request
  • eff1719 satellite/admin/back-office/ui: speed up build command
  • a4edbdd satellite/metabase: use commit order for objects
  • 2772483 satellite/metabase: use database order in ObjectStream.Less
  • 8ebf285 satellite/admin/back-office/ui: lint files
  • 539253f web/satellite: don’t make billing API requests if billing is disabled
  • 667b7c6 web/satellite/vuetify-poc: fix file preview
  • e653453 satellite/placement: Add test for new “datacenter” placement tag
  • aeec4bd satellite/metabase: add tests to UpdateMetadata for versioning
  • 55bddb6 satellite/metabase: don’t use empty stream id for delete markers
  • 1fa918c satellite/metabase: simplify UpdateObjectLastCommitted
  • 32e67e5 web/satellite: update low token balance banner copy
  • f7a95e0 satellite/{payment,console}: add endpoint to add card by pmID
  • 67f32bd satellite/metainfo: use protbuf ObjectVersion with GetObject request
  • 8f59535 web/satellite: use stripe payment element
  • 42e1b08 satellite/admin/back-office/ui: use composition API
  • 405491e web/satellite{/vuetify-poc}: implement CSV file previewing
  • 513c3cc satellite/admin: list users pending deletion
  • 77cac8b satellite/metabase: add tests ListObjects
  • e5e55ef satellite/metabase: move delete object unversioned code
  • f2eb694 satellite/metabase: make the precommit constraint code nicer
  • b3e908f satellite/{console,web}: add browser card view config flag
  • 9e0fff5 satellite/gcbf: fix data race in TestGCBFUseRangedLoop
  • b621a90 satellite/repair: promote some Debug log lines to Info
  • 51c930f satellite/repair: extra logging during TestSegmentRepairPlacement
  • e482e12 web/satellite/vuetify-poc: fix file preview
  • febd209 web/satellite/vuetify-poc: add browser card view
  • 51fefb2 web/satellite: statically serve Vuetify theme styles
  • f0f73fc satellite/metainfo: support downloading specific object version
  • f6e357b satellite/{console, web}: detailed usage report for a single project
  • 52b3ffd web/satellite/vuetify-poc: add authentication pages
  • 8150620 web/satellite/vuetify-poc: add image preview to browser card view
  • d0f4447 satellite/metabase: add version tests to IteratePendingObjectsByKey
  • 86decb1 web/satellite/vuetify-poc: add info tooltip for download graph
  • 015cb94 satellite/durability: add exemplar and report time to the reported results
  • 14b83bb web/satellite/vuetify-poc: add login functionality
  • ae945b9 satellite/admin: Create separate server for new back-office
  • 00cb237 satellite/payments/stripe: loop variable capture
  • 084719c satellite/gracefulexit: de-flake TestNodeFailingGracefulExitWithLowOnlineScore
  • a712ee9 satellite/gracefulexit: suspended nodes fail graceful exit
  • b6e4f4a web/satellite: update locked objects wording
  • 23c592a satellite/durability: use process level classID cache (instead fork level)
  • 1005193 satellite/admin: Allow all operations through Oauth
  • 0ef3247 satellite/durability: make benchmark even quicker
  • 7d8f084 satellite/durability: calculate busfactor for classes
  • 98032f2 satellite/payments/stripe: another loop variable capture
  • b56a158 satellite/analytics: Send signup captcha score to analytics


  • 9f39684 cmd/storagenode: skip forget-satellite tests
  • fd55dad storagenode/retain: don’t quit on error


  • 38ad5a1 private/testplanet: add STORJ_TEST_DISABLEQUIC environment flag


  • 4f07994 Jenkinsfile.premerge: style check satellite admin back office files
  • 8be7414 cmd/tools/segment-verify: fix global race in TestCommandLineTool.
  • 46f7e5b all: don’t depend on infectious library directly
  • 0a4a109 go.mod: bump common (and maybe fix quic)
  • e81b578 go.mod: bump
  • 74757ff private/apigen/example: Fix client TS generated file
  • 48877c0 private/apigen: Fix TS generator to align with linter
  • e27381f private/version: use minimum key in new sem version
  • 404bddd cmd/storj-sim: increase satellite contact grace period

@nerdatwork your change Show Storj tokens on Etherscan is not included yet because we have broken our Jenkins pipeline and according to our policy I can’t include it before it pass all the tests.
We’re working on fixing it and if it’ll be point relese → i’ll include it


You are not @nerdatwork, how are you related to this change?

I was confused at first on what @Alexey was talking about but then this made sense.

Someone was impersonating me :slight_smile: at least he/she/they were polite.

There have been some spam bots trying to make minimum required responses and then posting links. Been removing them, and it can create a void where the original message is removed. It happens…