Release preparation v1.94

New release candidate is already deployed on QA Satellite



  • 26574fb satellite/db: add account activation columns
  • f09f352 satellite/{console,emails}: add activation code email
  • 479fbb6 satellite/satellitedb: fix bucket sum for daily usage
  • 89dad05 satellite/metabase: don’t create delete markers for pending
  • 4620d6d satellite/accounting/tally: simplify code
  • c2788ab satellite/admin/back-office: Add README with API guidelines
  • 220920e satellite/metainfo: return NotFound status for (Get|Set)BucketVersioning
  • d281952 satellite/admin/back-office: add endpoint to get users by email
  • 7186525 satellite/metabase: test zombie deletion with versioning
  • 4822b18 satellite/admin/back-office/ui: implement view user functionality
  • 03a8e7c satellite/analytics: improve error logging
  • 20a3045 satellite/durability: use fixed number of pieces in integration test
  • 1546732 web/satellite/vuetify-poc: set input value length limits
  • 116d8cb satellite/console: implement account activation with code
  • ab65572 web/satellite: implement account activation with code
  • fd13cf1 dbx/satellitedb: add default_versioning field for projects
  • f749b8f satellite/{db,console}: support v2 app account set up
  • dcc3245 satellite/console: Update project members endpoint
  • 26b6ab8 web/satellite: only fill charts with zero if day is complete
  • a3a7df9 web/satellite/vuetify-poc: add signup functionality
  • ea022ed satellite/admin/back-office: Add method for auth middleware
  • 50c9f4c web/satellite/vuetify-poc: add account setup dialog
  • a44ed94 satellite/metabase: allow creating delete markers for missing objects
  • 8568e49 satellite/{web,console}: remove upload modal flag
  • fb31761 satellite/admin/back-office: Add auth middleware
  • 594b093 satellite/console: PendingBotVerification status for users with high captcha score
  • b776382 satellite/admin: functionality to disable account bot restriction
  • 4b660e5 web/satellite/vuetify-poc: add partner branding to signup
  • 94bbda8 web/satellite/vuetify-poc: add delete action to file preview
  • 5d492a9 satellite/admin/back-office: Don’t send project ID
  • 591971b satellite/metainfo: reduce database hits for segment creation
  • 0c913ab satellite/{console, web}: show banner for bot accounts
  • 207dad4 cmd/satellite: bind new billing command to config
  • 775ee86 web/satellite/vuetify-poc: remove billing information tab
  • 7b3770e web/satellite/vuetify-poc: hide ‘Add coupon’ button when coupon features are disabled
  • 5c79f59 web/satellite: remove VChart tooltip elements on unmounted
  • 9e6c421 satellite/durability: report bus_factor with the new reports
  • 5d775e6 satellite/{console/web}: add v2 signup flow flag
  • a3f84bc satellite/gc/bloomfilter: reduce number of filters in single zip
  • 8ec1a8d satellite/satellitedb: drop nodes.type column
  • e1c1267 satellite/admin: Fix API key delete by name
  • 0590ead satellite/{db,console,billing}: fix legal/violation freeze
  • 504c72f satellite/repair: run chore which updates repair_queue stat
  • b31e417 satellite/payments: use stripe idempotency on create/update invoice items
  • c5e4407 web/satellite/vuetify-poc: prevent page reload on folder create
  • 45cfaa8 satellite/metainfo: set internalpb.StreamID Versioned field
  • 61a9d63 web/{satellite, vuetify}: rework locked objects logic
  • 5094100 web/satellite: fix indentation for TS logic
  • c87f380 satellite/repair: Fix flaky test
  • 9414e32 satellite/durability: remove unclassified measurements + reduce memory
  • d07dba0 dbx/satellitedb: update default_versioning field for projects
  • 88a7826 web/satellite: update preview types and icons (#6577)
  • 5767191 web/satellite/vuetify-poc: ui updates and improvements (#6576)


  • 0467903 cmd/uplink: don’t show throughput during copy, since it’s wrong


  • 3c2596e update release process description (#6430)
  • fb894b3 scripts/ improve changelog script (#6508)
  • adcd810 private/apigen: Allow to customize handlers logic
  • 269dd56 private/apigen: Don’t print empty description & version in docs
  • 6885ca2 private/apigen: Inject middleware code after param parsing
  • 1ba3144 go.mod: make bump-dependencies (uplink, common, …)
  • e03091d go.mod: bump{common,uplink}
  • 8a42cad cmd/tools/convert-node-id: show node id for an id.cert