Release preparation v1.96

New release is deployed on QA Satellite
The major change - new Satellite UI (if no major issues with it)



  • 1c4a6fe scripts: preserve update-access.go
  • c7b34b2 admin/back-offie: add defaults to service
  • fa31ad9 private/server: reject invalid connections
  • 1db9d0a docs/blueprints: Migrate to storj/design-docs repo
  • 84f7c95 private/server: fix flaky server_test
  • 8a4776a private/apigen: handle request type same package
  • 789f0a4 private/apigen: handle request type package in http handler
  • d0149a7 private/apigen: add PUT method to apigen
  • 3e57292 admin/back-office: implement project limits update endpoint
  • 573e7c7 metabase: add benchmarks for precommit constraint
  • 8dd73e1 mod: bump dependencies


  • c30b794 satellite/metrics: add metric of total segments with expiration set
  • 103af00 satellite/metainfo: return no error for missing bucket in DeleteCommittedObject
  • 5662dd1 satellite/admin: Add test delete user (project members)
  • 0bdb4f9 satellite/admin: define project info endpoint
  • ad205c5 satellite/admin: Return project public ID in GET user
  • e86070c satellite/metainfo: log macaroon head with usage eventkit event
  • 63e67cf satellite/admin/back-office/ui: Project view
  • 337d585 satellite/console: add projects method, UpdateAllLimits
  • a792e37 web/satellite/v2: fix datepicker for create AG flow
  • 3c96c86 web/satellite/v2: update login UX
  • 7c1be91 satellite/metainfo: get project rate limits with api key DB query
  • 1a3704c satellite/payments/stripe: skip deleted customers during invoice finalization
  • ca42e2b satellite/admin/back-office/ui: implement project limits update
  • 7852a6b satellite/metabase: add ObjectStatus.String
  • 49b83ff web/satellite/v2: added missing password helper on sign up
  • 931efa0 satellite/nodeselection: extend Placement with Selector
  • 1378b7e satellite/metabase: iterate versions in descending order
  • c1b59f7 satellite/metainfo: add unit test for get object with delete marker
  • 14def22 satellite/{console, web}: add limitations for usage report endpoint
  • a8bc92d web/satellite/vuetify-poc: setup stripe user before onboarding
  • 5effb82 private/apigen,satellite/console: fix console generated API
  • b41cf66 satellite/{nodeselection,repair}: Placement level invariant for customizable declumping
  • 17a1628 satellite/nodeselection: introduce Name for Placements
  • 9dbeb6c satellite/{console,web}: remove checker for v2 app
  • 4cc04a6 web/satellite/vuetify-poc/: ui updates (#6640)
  • cbe9c01 web/satellite: allow user to download historical usage report
  • f502f50 web/satellite/vuetify-poc: fix flaky signup redirect
  • 2414386 web/satellite/v2: allow user to download historical usage report
  • 898abad storagenode/forgetsatellite: add forget-satellite chore and worker
  • 249c7ff satellite/analytics: Move some info from “creation” to “onboarding”
  • 0d47861 web/satellite: update signup and account setup for analytics
  • 52bfc87 satellite/metabase: separate pending listing/iteration
  • 80cfa9a satellite/metabase: fix and test ListObjects.Pending
  • dca3ede satellite/admin/back-office: Add settings endpoint
  • 435db22 web/satellite: allow multiple file selection
  • b4f98e4 web/satellite/v2: added credit card actions
  • 95eba16 web/satellite/v2: added info tooltip to storj token card
  • 270a2eb satellite/{payments, web}: fixed billing history pagination
  • 37189fd satellite/console: feature flag to toggle v2 as default UI
  • beb79e3 satellite/nodeselection: invariant helper for declumping by tag
  • a89668f tests/satellite: Add a check against the old API before and after the upgrade/migration to the next version of Satellite.
  • 9aae5b7 web/satellite/v2: support v2 app on root path
  • f104fc9 web/satellite/v2: add error page
  • 17af0f0 satellite/nodeselection: YAML based placement configuration
  • 4ea8316 satellite/metainfo: stop using project limit cache for uploads/downloads
  • cbebd45 satellite/console: added the ability to authenticate with 1-week long session
  • ee3570e web/satellite/v2: added remember me checkbox for login form
  • d10f8b8 satellite/metabase: use order by in precommit hook
  • 8fd7aab satellite/metabase: remove comment
  • 12dd732 satellite/gc: make maximum size of the bloom filter configurable
  • 7906836 satellite/metabase: fix TestNodeAliases deadlock
  • 69014af web/satellite/v2: signup and login pages
  • 50576c4 web/satellite/v2: fix error page navigation
  • 615cd8e satellite/console: update ui server with new configs
  • 5c421f9 web/satellite/v2: add missing auth pages
  • 73cbc6e web/satellite/v2: fix for upgrade with tokens UX
  • dd52ef2 web/satellite/v2: fix unauthenticated navigation


  • 339eb4a storagenode/retain: more logging tags when retain is finished
  • 60402b5 storagenode/lazyfilewalker: fix return value order of trash walker
  • fd7cd68 storagenode/internalpb: add forget-satellite drpc endpoints
  • 4087517 storagenode/version: do not crash node on outdated version


  • c23967f testsuite/playwright-ui: add signup test for v2 app
  • 9648e03 testsuite/playwright-ui: added bucket and object browser tests for V2 app

I don’t know the correct wording to search for this: but do any of these updates change the unvetted nodes from getting 5% ingress to 1% ingress?