Release preparation v1.97

New release candidate is deployed on QA Satellite




  • 68bb976 satellite/payments/stripe: reduce dependencies
  • 4dbd4ef satellite/satellitedb: handle simultaneous inserts to reputations table
  • fc4f1cb web/satellite/v2: fix unauthenticated navigation
  • d91a8e7 satellite/accounting: return versioning status along with bucket usage
  • 0741205 satellite/console: remove change email functionality
  • 577546a web/satellite/v2: fixed style-src CSP error
  • 5ee01ce web/satellite/v2: update signup and login
  • e3b7a6d satellite/console: add usage to my projects response
  • 23dcb6e satellite/metabase: use upsert to commit segment with crdb
  • cb2125c web/satellite/v2: add usage to projects table
  • 506f284 satellite/overlay: change % of data going to new nodes from 5 to 1
  • 92df378 satellite/{console,web}: fix minor v2 issues
  • 62a3215 web/satellite/v2: fix for early session refresh
  • e211742 satellite/console: user ID rate limiter applied to daily usage endpoint
  • 84fd22d satellite/console: cache /daily-usage and /usage-report endpoint responses for 1 hour
  • 1d8e42c web/satellite/v2: truncate date params to hours for /daily-usage and /usage-report endpoints
  • 608ab61 web/satellite/v2: added chevron icon to upload snackbar
  • f6646b0 satellite/satellitedb: add last_ip_port to node_events
  • 8636a83 satellite/console: improve user-facing error handling on update project limit
  • f4ec1a7 web/satellite/v2: fix bucket name validation
  • 5dc2bc4 satellite/repair/checker: support overriding optimal shares
  • f07c0a6 web/satellite/v2: ui-ux improvements (#6720)
  • 4342f2e Revert “satellite/repair/checker: support overriding optimal shares”
  • 3772788 satellite/apigen_test: Add test for generated APIs
  • 0269ed3 satellite/metainfo: support CopyObject source object custom version
  • 02c9e17 satellite/audit/reverify: support blake3
  • 3a34aaa satellite/{console,db}: add notices column
  • 9d9699b web/satellite/v2: show notices based on user settings
  • 179d156 satellite/console: add partner upgrade notice to user settings
  • 7342b06 satellite/console: don’t use console.User in GET project members response
  • e923acd web/satellite: updated GET members API response handling
  • b684cb0 satellite/{console,emails}: remove user name from emails
  • 651ed8e satellite/admin/back-office/ui: Hook feature flags
  • ffbcf9d satellite/console: add ProjectMemberPassphrase notice to user settings
  • 9d967ad web/satellite/v2: require confirmation for multi file delete
  • 5b9a485 web/satellite/v2: clear search state value on table component unmount
  • 40dd398 web/satellite/v2: improve session timeout UX
  • 195218f web/satellite/v2: add access selection to access table
  • 548e800 web/satellite/v2: add Edit Default button to CC card container
  • 8258809 web/satellite/v2: added versioning column to buckets table
  • 2c9c698 web/satellite/v2: add partner upgrade banner to project dashboard
  • 0fbc4cc satellite/console: restrict login for users with PendingBotVerification or LegalHold status
  • 0b90a4a web/satellite/v2: automatically append support link to support-related notifications
  • 5ec1232 satellite/audit: much stricter audit transfer speed reqs
  • 8046cfa web/satellite/v2: add team member selection snackbar
  • 0f9bc37 web/satellite/v2: added team passphrase banner to project dashboard
  • 45d99ed web/satellite/v2: fix settings link on Projects table view
  • eaa3edc satellite/metainfo: don’t use metabase.ListObjects for unversioned buckets
  • 59baf07 satellite/orders: support overriding download long tail latency
  • 073d0e4 satellite/nodeevents: add LastIPPort to NodeEvent
  • b5c3362 web/satellite/v2: disable swipes for multistep dialog flows
  • 490626c satellite/satellitedb: overlaydb method GetLastIPPortByNodeTagNames
  • b7e9bd2 satellite/nodeselection: file based node-id filter for selectors
  • 576bdb7 satellite/{analytics,web}: add analytics to onboarding
  • b31388d satellite/{console,web}: add flag to toggle onboard stepper
  • 672ad14 web/satellite/v2: show delete dialog for browser cardview
  • 0269cb3 satellite/metainfo: fix listing for VersioningUnsupported buckets
  • a209127 web/satellite/v2: ui ux updates
  • 957d37b satellite/overlay: add IP port to node offline email
  • 6e7e057 web/satellite/v2: improve route reuse


  • db76608 storagenode/payouts: show historical payouts data for old/untrusted satellites
  • 541cfbe cmd/storagenode: revamp forget-satellite subcommand
  • e4d6ce8 cmd/storagenode: add forget-satellite-status command
  • 648eae2 cmd/storagenode: fix Test_cmdForgetSatellite flaky test


  • 00d4cdb cmd/uplink/ulfs: rename type
  • c7ea51f cmd/uplink/ulfs: single part upload