Release preparation v1.99

Release candidate v1.99 deployed on QA Satellite



  • b66ec6b go.mod: bump dependencies (common)
  • 24361ba ci: fix tparse flag
  • dbf5c1b certificate: switch to use proto files from
  • 478d67e ci: disable new coverager
  • b26e934 all: fix test naming consistency
  • 67a9e26 ci: archive coverage result
  • c72353c ci: compress coverprofile
  • 36dcf74 all: avoid make(T, 0)
  • 598c33d go.mod: bump dependencies (common,uplink,monkit-jaeger,eventkit)
  • f25ac75 go.mod: bump dependencies (common,uplink,zeebo/errs)


  • 4545aac web/satellite: upgrade dependencies
  • 27aa3d0 satellite/{metainfo,metabase}: CopyObject adjustments for versioning
  • dbf999c web/satellite: show paid tier success on card added
  • f6ea579 satellite/{console, projectaccounting, web}: increase max limit value for list requests
  • 5fb1b93 satellite/console: feature flag for applications page
  • 12ae65d satellite/console: test update account
  • 11b4095 satellite/payments: conditionally add emission impact info to stripe invoices footer
  • 7d3c13c satellite/emission: refactor dimension handling logic
  • e85c47d satellite/{console, emission, web}: calculate saved trees based on saved emission impact
  • dba3156 satellite/repair/repairer: flag to do repair uploads in memory
  • 63a81ec web/satellite: fix file dropzone
  • bdb37b6 web/satellite: add Applications view
  • 9606442 web/satellite: wire up applications page with create S3 creds flow
  • af5d446 satellite/metainfo: fix GetLocationFromPlacement after YAML based placements
  • 3eb4c2d web/satellite: change created bucket action
  • d198bdf satellite/console: add GetUsageReport service test
  • 78ac729 satellite/console: remove /account/delete endpoint
  • d51b412 web/satellite: submit auth forms on enter press
  • e6ac834 satellite/payments: conditionally add saved trees info to stripe invoices footer
  • 699d267 web/satellite: implemented Emissions dialog for project dashboard
  • bcdde29 web/satellite: make onboarding stepper dismissible
  • 8765d78 web/satellite: correct transaction status chip color
  • cdfae69 satellite/satellitedb: fix TestGetProjectObjectsSegments flake
  • 0f11053 web/satellite: set NODE_ENV to development from vite config
  • fea710a satellite/satellitedb: add free trial related columns to users table
  • f586fde web/satellite: add required fields indication for business setup form
  • 899a75f web/satellite: added Upgrade to Pro CTA to all projects nav bar
  • 41e63b5 satellite/console: serve external API on new prefix
  • 7a574ec web/satellite: prompt for project passphrase
  • 3aaa140 satellite/console: added configuration to apply free trial duration
  • 631bcc4 satellite/admin: add functionality to update user’s trial expiration date
  • a39dabf satellite/console: use storj bonus txn.ID as PaymentInfo.ID
  • b2653e1 web/satellite: reference timestamp key for default sort
  • 9a28e73 satellite/metabase/rangedloop: run durability observers one by one
  • 7daf72c satellite/{console, payments, admin}: populate upgrade_time when a user is upgraded to pro
  • 2e6bb52 web/satellite: show full account balance in billing overview
  • c06e9be satellite/console,web/satellite: Update valid lengths for passwords
  • 3bc8735 web/satellite: update app css to append asterisk (*) to labels of required inputs
  • a0c709e satellite/console: Add testing for “Setup Account”
  • b643c69 satellite/{satellitedb, payments}: update invoicing process based on user upgrade_time
  • 795eb9d satellite/console: do not use “.com” for test emails
  • 0e281ac satellite: avoid nil slice
  • 8d924b6 satellite/console: add config for var partners
  • e448f81 web/satellite: ui updates


  • 991ddc9 storagenode/blobstore: remove “garbage” step during deletion
  • 3f3dd53 storagenode/piecestore: bit of logging cleanup
  • 121de29 storagenode/{piece,blob}store: avoid extra trash checks
  • 349b67d storagenode/blobstore: correct naming piece->blob
  • 759b419 storagenode/blobstore: minor simplifications
  • 96dd51b storagenode: trash with Bloom filter’s receiving time
  • b1eec59 storagenode: make most of the storagenode logs configurable
  • 00f936d storagenode/{blobstore,pieces}: remember the earliest timestamp of a trash piece (#6789)


  • b23fe3b testsuite/playwright-ui: Remove V1 tests
  • 9380fe8 testsuite/playwright-ui: Fix UI tests