Remote connection to my ARM Storagenode

Hi everybody, first post here.
Due to the coming summer holidays, I’m looking for ways to connect from remote to my Storagenode hosted on a Raspberry. Until now I used VNC server, but this needs to run on desktop, AFAIK there isn’t any other way to connect from remote to raspberry.
I saw around about monitoring dashboards (grafana etc) that foresee a telegram/discord alert system. I’m pretty rough on grafana, do you guys have any other suggestion?
My need is to check everything is alright and if a new update of storagenode is made, I want to be able to update manually, because many times the ‘pull update’ command shut down the system or keep restarting (it happened to me I had to manually shut down my raspi). I just want to make sure my node doesn’t go away for too much time - I really want to beat my record of UPTIME :slight_smile:


the easiest way is to use uptime robot to check your storj port uptime. Use something like ‘web alert’ to monitor changes in web pages. You can monitor this forum for new version post, or watch the docker hub page for :alpha updates.

Hello @ntotao,
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RPi3 doesn’t have enough resources to handle GUI and storagenode, so better to avoid GUI because of memory consumption.
To remotely control it’s much better to use the ssh and allow to login only by keys.
For Android you can use the to connect to your rpi3.
For monitoring I would recommend the Monitoring with Netdata
You can publish it for you. But I recommend to use something like VPN or ssh - tunnels to access it from anywhere.


I am using a mobile SSH tool (various SSH tools in APP store you can search for) to access to my remote arm node.

Hey @ntotao.
You’ve probably solved your issue already… But just in case that’s of any use for anyone here, I’m using “JuiceSSH” on my android smartphone for remotely accessing my RPi4 STORJ Node via SSH.
Works like a charm :slightly_smiling_face:

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