Remote Dashboard

How to remote access the web Dashboard? I tried port forwording but is not working even in local connection (

-p 14002:14002 would be the right syntax

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You’re still wrong, you always need to specify the “inner” and the “outer” port. So either -p if you only want to access it from the same machine or -p 14002:14002 if you want to access it from everywhere.

I’m not sure whether -p would work as the specified IP is the bind IP of the machine running the container and not the remote IP accessing it.

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@Alexey we all need an help

The help is already provided.

Make sure you have -p 14002:14002 if you want it to be externally accessible, if you don’t forward the port it’s only accessible on your local network. You can forward the port on your router to make it externally accessible (which btw is not recommended as this exposes the dashboard to the public internet).


Correct, that “-p workip:14002:14002” command is useless since workip presumably doesn’t exist on the docker host to bind to.

The details of how best to configure this depend strongly on how your network is built and where the storj node exists. If the storj node is on a box behind a NAT device, then you’d just need “-p 14002:14002” on the docker command and then anything on the same network as the storj node could hit storjnodeip:14002 and see the dashboard. Providing access beyond that would be a matter of port forwarding or VPN.

If your storj node is itself directly connected to the internet, then you would probably want to bind port 14002 to a specific IP on your box - to only allow access from localhost, for example.

Third option would be to not directly bind the port at all - this is how I have mine set up. Even if you omit the -p command altogether for port 14002, the container will respond on that host if you target the container’s own IP address (typically 172.17.0.something). So nginx receives requests on my server via standard HTTPS / 443, and proxies them to the docker IP at 172.17.0.whatever:14002. Nothing outside the host can directly hit 14002, and I can then use nginx to restrict access to the dashboard using IP addresses, HTTP auth, or any other mechanism.


Is it really not recommended to expose publicly your dashboard? What’s the risk?

(Just asking)

maybe this helps someone… i´m running my node on dedicated root (ubuntu 19.10) and solved it with ssh tunnel with mobaxterm (best ssh client really love it (free version is fine))

now i can go to http://localhost:10000/ on my Computer and see the dashboard