Remove disk space hard minimum

I have some 500GB hard drives but I can’t run storagenode on them because, after being partitioned, they are slightly less than 500GB and the node refuses to start. I don’t think it’s necessary to have such a limit in software, and I’d think anyone could compile the software themselves with a lower limit if they really wanted to.

In the config.yaml was plase minimum storagage, it is comented(#) remoove coments, and edit it, may will help. I think minimum is placed that so low space absolutly not profitable to hold. I also have 4-5 of such hdd, but dont think it has usecase, thay takes 6-7W each.

Problem with 500gig hard drives is that there not true 500gigs in the first place, so you would need a hard drive that is slightly bigger to beable to run a node. But if you have more then one hard drive put 2 500gigs in a raid then your ok.

Then you would risk the entire data if the drive fails, as I assume you would run Raid-1.
Also if you have read the docs you should really NOT allocate 100%, you should leave 10% headroom on the drive.

If your drive gets full before the allocated space you have configured on the node the whole node could be corrupted causing bad reputation and you might be kicked out from the network and you have wasted time and money for nothing.

I’ll try this, thanks

EDIT: Yep, setting the minimum lower in the config allowed me to use the hard drive.

RAID-1, As you wrote, is a mirror and does not lose data. A failure of one of the even drives leaves all data saved. If you merge all disks into RAID-0, then Yes, the entire node will be lost when one disk fails.