Remove website search tied to "ctrl+f"

Many of us power users use “ctrl+F” to quickly navigate forums for information whilst troubleshooting. As ya’ll know, sometimes we have to pour through hundreds of unrelated posts to find the gold within (ie…the clue to fix the issue we are experiencing). Using This strategy in the Storj forums has become a pain in the ass, as the web dev decided to tie their internal forum search to “ctrl+F”…so now, i have to click off the page to in order to get chromes built in search to work! Otherwise, the website tries to search the whole topic…which would be fine if it displayed the results in context, highlighted the search term, and didn’t jump to a new page…but browsers already have done this for decades!!

WEB DEVS…please remove the websites attachment to “Ctrl+F”, if we want to search the forum, we can click on the magnifying glass…thats why mice were invented! usually we already found the page we want, and are just trying to skim though using key-words.

(rant over…now i will go back to trying to figure out why my storj keeps randomly resetting itself and its stats.)


This is Discourse. You could reach out to them at and perhaps find others who share irritation at the issue you mention or perhaps can suggest workarounds.


I remember using slrn to read newsgroups. Best experience, could read tons of elaborate conversations very quickly. Web forums never had the same usability.

Can we please migrate to newsgroups?

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The weird thing that the forum did not react on Ctrl-F for me for some reason… It always opens browser’s search, so I was even not aware of this feature!
Now I would likely search how to reproduce it…

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Press it twice. Then you get to browser search.

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So, either im bugging out, or someone in web dev unticked the box and it works normally now! BIG HAPPY!
thank you to whoever did that (or im just a buggy boy)

yea…strangely enough, its operating “normally” for me today too. i wonder if chrome was doing some weird chrome stuff…or discourse

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