Removed storage-dir-verification - How to recover?

Good afternoon.
The node is running on Windows and when doing maintenance I deleted the storage-dir-verification.
Now the node won’t start.
Can you please tell me how to generate a new file? before that everything worked.

The file needs to contain your node ID, in binary form. I don’t know a trivial way to do that, but it can be done.

Do you have a hex editor you can use?

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Storage-dir-verification creation happens on node setup.
I don’t know how to do it on Windows, but on Linux, if you run the initial setup command the file gets created along with all the initial config files and directory:

Just make sure that you don’t overwrite your existing node. I would suggest to create a temporary directory, copy your identity in there and run the setup command pointing all paths into this temporary location as all initial files and folders will be created.

Good afternoon. It is necessary that in the official instruction there were answers to such questions.

I made a backup copy of the settings file and then ran:

storagenode.exe setup

I created a structure and a storage-dir-verification file in a new folder.
After that, I restored the configuration file, moved the storage-dir-verification file itself to the location where it should be, and launched the node.
Everything worked.

Thanks to all

For Windows node it’s happening during install. So the easy method - uninstall the node, remove c:\Program Files\Storj folder and install node back.

The more complex - use storagenode.exe setup command, but you need to specify the identity location, config location and data location.