Renaming a folder in a bucket

Playing with the platform and wondering, is it possible to add a rename feature to folders in a bucket in the Storj DCS platform?

For example, lets say we have a typo in my folder ‘Certificates’, and I now want to change the folder name

Hi @KillahGoose

Right now isn’t possible because allowing renaming is more challenging than it seems.

Storj network doesn’t have a concept of directories; all the objects are reference by keys and those keys can contain the / character which is what we use to visualize paths as if they are a directory hierarchy.

For example, by giving the following object key: pics/holidais/2020/dcim-20200630_1530.jpg we can visualize the object as being inside of the directory hierarchy, but in reality, it’s just a key.

The challenging part of renaming the holidais (because it has a typo :wink:) is that we have to change its key, but not only for this object, we have to do it for all the objects whose key begins with pics/holidais/.....

Per our current design, changing an object key implies not just change its “reference” due to how we break into multiple pieces and store them in a decentralized node (a.k.a. storage nodes).

The good news is that we are aware of it and we have a plan on working out a solution for this operation, however, to be honest, I cannot say the priority of it.

I hope that this is helpful for you to understand the challenge as the unfortunate limit of resources, which puts us having to prioritize features, fixes, etc.

Thank you for your patience.


Hi @ifraixedes

Yup, I know exactly what you mean about the directory hierarchy actually being a key. I was designing a password storage app a while back for fun, and was using Storj as the backend and @Alexey explained it to me then.

Yes, no problem! Was hoping that the smart guys and gals at Storj had a plan, and ya’ll do :wink:. So will wait till the feature is implemented :slight_smile: