Rent Server for storj only? (8TB for 25$)

what you think how much i earn per month with 8TB HDD?

problem is that the server has 2x2TB and 4x1TB HDD makes a good raid impossible or anyone has a good idea?

maybe i should do 2 nodes: first with 2x2TB raid 1 only 2 TB useable :frowning:
and second gets raid 5 with 4x1 = 3TB usable
do you think i get more than 25$ with the 2+3TB useable space for nodes?

i have 2 nodes running with 2TB each but i saw one has about 700GB free and the other about 200GB free… some weeks ago they where both full full with 1GB space left… anyone know if there is too much space available with all nodes together? or i have bad luck with free space now?

I would take a look at what you are seeing for payouts and extrapolate based on that. From my node stats this would not be worth it at all. Assuming you filled the 8TB you would be looking at $12/month for storage payments and even assuming an absolute best case 10% egress (800GB) per month, that is going to be $16/month. So you are looking at spending $25/month for an absolute perfect case scenario of seeing $28/month in revenue. That assumes a full node, which will take a while to get to, as well as your node being out of the held back amount phase, which is 12 months. Even if you filled that space immediately, you would not be taking enough in revenue each month to cover your expenses.

Frankly, if you are bet and determined on getting infrastructure for Storj, absolutely do not go with something that has a monthly expense that is based on storage and/or bandwidth. Get a hard drive and install it on a local system so that you can actually have it pay for itself over time. Paying a month service for hardware just means that you are directing almost all of your earnings towards paying someone else in perpetuity.