Repair broken node?


last night my system hdd of the storagenode was running out of memory cause of a hdd failure.
the storagenode was stored on another hdd. But my node was suspended in the morning.
So can the node continue running with the same identity or do i have to create a new one ?

After a recovery of the system the node is back online.
Is this okay or what do i have to do ?

MY node ID: 12ByiVQtBJMASmq35P7EZRMhiaozf1qLrosXRLtVTB1xpfh9rFA
Thanks and Best Regards


Hi Christian,

If your node was suspended, all you need to do is let the node run now that it is back online. Provided you have not lost any data, the node will eventually come off of suspension after enough successful audits. So you can continue to run the node with the same identity.

If you have lost files/data, your node will eventually be disqualified. If this happens you would need to start over with a new identity. Keep an eye on the dashboard over the next few days to see what happens. But based on your description of what happened, I think you will be okay.

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Ahh okay, thanks

I think the node will be disabled when its offline more than 5 hours a month.
Its back online so lets look whats happen.


No problem. Currently the penalty for downtime is disabled. So for now the only reason to be disqualified would be missing data. Good luck!