Repair data up 5x Egress 3x Ingress from 17th Feb 2022

Not complaining $$$… Is everyone else seeing a large increase in repair data from 17th Feb 2022.

My Repair Egress is up 5x from normal and Repair Ingress is up 3x.
Normal usage is up by about 25%

Yesterday i saw on the dashboard 400+ suspended nodes, almost like there is a weeks delay between increased repair and suspension?

The two things aren’t related. The increase in repair traffic is because the repair threshold has been increased as explained here.

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@BrightSilence. I missed that post, thank you. Good to hear when an item hits 56 shares it will be boosted back to 80 shares

@CutieePie My node with internet is good and the logs are generally clear, so roll on $$$