Repair/reformat the storage disk

It looks like my storage disk got corrupted. I checked it with disks (gnome-disk) and it reported the disk needs repair. I have then run the repair, but it failed. Googling about it I understand I need to format the disk again. Does any one know if I can try something different at first?
In the case I have to format the disk, what’s the best way to do it in a STORJ friendly manner?

thanks in advance

Before formatting your disk, back it up to another one, because you’ll lose your data.

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You may also try to repair it from the terminal with fsck command, but to fix errors it requires to unmount disk first.
So, you need to stop and remove the storagenode container, unmount your disk and run sudo fsck /dev/sdX (replace /dev/sdX to your disk).
Perhaps you will need to run it several times until all errors will be fixed.
When all fixes are done you may try to run your node back. However, if the corruption is happened not because of power failure, then your disk possibly dying. In this case it’s better to copy all data from it to another disk.


Thanks Alexey. This is what I am trying. It is taking forever though… like 12h at the moment and is not done yet… :frowning:

So sudo fsck /dev/sdN would be similar to the chkdsk in Windows? Do you have any indications at which point it would be wise to run such fsck? Are there some error or warn messages occuring?

See storage node v1.68.1 crashing with unrecoverable error · Issue #5375 · storj/storj · GitHub . I am trying this because the server stated to crash.

When you catch any error (except permissions issue) in your logs pointing to blobs (or sometimes trash) folder or if your database become not a database file or corrupted.