replace a 2TB disk with an 8TB disk

I have filled a 2TBb disk I want to replace it with a new 8TB disk. How can I transfer the data from one disk to another?

you have 2 posibilities. 1. you tunr off node, copy disk to disc and change disk on node.
2. make it with rsync or something like that, when node working sync 1 time, then once more, and then turn node off, and then sync last time with delete flag. and start node on new disk.

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As a supplement to Vadim’s answer, you can check out the migration guide from the documentation.

You wouldn’t need to follow the instructions related to moving the node between different machines, just for copying data. If you hold the identity files on the same disk as the storage, don’t forget to copy those as well.

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And if you don’t have a purpose for the other HDD you could consider running a node on both. Migrating your existing node to the bigger disk would still be more profitable though as it would already be vetted and out of held back on some satellites.

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Just did the same thing yesterday:

1st time sync - Robocopy.exe “source” “destination” /MIR with the node running
2nd time sync - Exactly the same thing
3rd time sync - Exactly the same command WITH THE NODE STOPPED
Replace disks and Start the service


For Windows you should change at least a letter of the disk in your "C:\Program Files\Storj\Storage Node\config.yaml" file. With non-zero probability your new disk will have a different letter.

Not necessarily because the HDD is to be replaced. So, you need to change the drive letter in Disk Management, not config.yaml