Replacement HDD (2TB -> 10TB)

Hello guys,
I have Raspberry Pi 4 with 2TB storage (200GB is used). I want to change this 2TB HDD for 10TB HDD. So it means, I need to copy used data (200GB) to 10TB HDD, thats all. My plan is the following:

1] docker stop -t 300 storagenode
2] docker rm storagenode
3] copy data (200GB) from old to new HDD
4] docker run -d --restart always …

I was looking here on forum, but just found migration to new node(, but this is not my case. I just need to replace disks.

Is my plan correct?
To tell the truth, I got a advice from my friend, who told me, that, there is no necessity to copy old data (200GB) to new HDD. But I can not believe him…

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Yes, your plan is ok. Currently in Storj there is no disqualification for downtime of your node. Of course remember to double-check new mount point of new drive in docker run command

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Not sure if the Pi4 can have more than one drive attached at the sametime, but you can actually copy the data over while the node is alive using rsync, and then once you have it copied over, do a few more rsyncs until the amount of data that has changed is tiny, take the node offline and then do one final rsync (with the --delete flag). That is what I do (am doing right now) to move from a 3 TB iSCSI to a 15 TB iSCSI disk.

Here is a thread I created to discuss this very way of doing it.

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In case it wasn’t clear, it is very important that you do copy the data properly. If you don’t, you will fail audits and get disqualified.

You could start a new node on the new drive, but then you’d have to go through the vetting process again lose all your escrow money. It is best to keep nodes alive for as long as possible, older nodes are more profitable.