Replacing my HDD

Just wanted to check that I have done this correct for changing my hdd to a larger one. I stopped storagenode via task manager / services then updated the config.yaml via notepad++ with the new hdd location and size and saved it. I then copied all the files over from the old hdd to the new hdd. Restarted storagenode via task manager / services. Can someone let me know if this is correct please.
Many Thanks.

Welcome to the forum @Bubs !

Have a look at this

You should be fine.

On Windows it’s fairly similar to the documentation @nerdatwork linked to but slightly different…

one thing i would add is to check the logs after migrations, i find that when i do make mistakes i at least catch them in time to fix it.

and then i usually check the dashboard a couple of times a week.
remember to check the logs after migrations have save my ass a couple of times already.

Thanks for the advice guys. I have left it running for several days now and all seems to be running fine :slight_smile: