Request for more detail in console - upload cancelled detail

This request comes from having read the thread at

One key metric for how a node is doing must be the number of accepted block uploads vs the number that have been cancelled as the node ‘lost’ the race to receive/process and report the acceptance of a block.

Such a metric helps a node operate to decide if their deployed system is working in a way that is beneficial for both them and the overall Storj network - if their link is slow, or they have a processing bottleneck the operator does not know that they are losing the ‘race’, just that they are storing few blocks.

The reality is that this ‘race’ to store blocks will have the effect of killing off nodes that can not keep up, but only if the operator is able to see that they are not competitive.

While not covered in the linked thread, I guess the same is also true for any blocks downloaded from a node, which considering how many internet links are configured is an even more important metric.

You can see it:

If it’s a feature request for SNO, I can move it into voting category for feature requests