Request for V3 invite

Hi guys. I referred a new working colleague from my team to be a SNO. At this point he’s stuck on the setup waiting for an invite. Can you please have a look? He’s an IT as well and I think he could be a great addition to the project. His email is:
Thank you in advance.

Hey naxbc,

Invites are going out pretty fast these days to the entire list. The wait is likely at most 2 weeks and probably faster than that.

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Hi BrightSilence. I think 2 weeks are a bit long :frowning: and I don’t want to lose this guy to the project. He will definitely be an excellent and resilient addition. Also I don’t want him to lose the surge payouts…

Most of us had to wait many months, patience is a virtue.

I also question the level of suggested commitment if an at most 2 week wait is that much of a problem. But I’ll leave it up to the storjlings to further respond to your request.

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@naxbc Good news, a new batch has been generated and will be sent out through the week! He should be getting one very soon :slight_smile:


Thanks :slight_smile: I’ll pass the info to him tomorrow at work and then help him setup his SNO.

I would remove that email address from a public forum, especially if it’s someone else’s.

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Thanks for the tip :wink: good call.

EDITED: my friend got it :slight_smile: up and running :wink: Thank you to all involved.

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