Request payout on L2 (zksync)


I’m a fairly new SNO and I opted in for Layer 2 payouts via zksync earlier this month.
Reading recent posts and topics here in the forum, I’m aware that the topic of payouts has been highly debated since the surge of Ethereum transaction fees).
Now, since L2 payouts have been implemented, I was wondering if there was a way to force / request an immediate payout for my undistributed earnings? Obviously I would be willing to pay the L2 transaction fees (Storj → my wallet).

If this is not yet possible, i think this really should be an option. My reasoning is, that I would like to take the market risk for my earnings.
I don’t know what percentage of tardigrade customers pay their bills via STORJ tokens and I don’t know how Storj Labs Inc. decides on what to do whith those tokens. I can only assume, that the company has some kind of “investment” strategy for their holdings.
Is there a scenario in which SNOs would be able to take more market risk? E.g. request a daily payout (and pay for fees themselves)?
Obviously a lot of SNOs are unhappy about their earnings being withheld while the token price surged 150% over the last week. I understand, that it would be the other way round if the token price dropped 70% over the last week. But still I think, that SNOs should be given more control over their payment schedule.

If this is not possible, what would be the reason for withholding payments, even when a SNO is willing to pay the transaction fees?

Forgive me, if this hase already been answered somewhere…

Hello @watson ,
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Yes, you can do it, if you received your payout via zkSync in the current month. If you opted-in only in the current month, you will receive all outstanding payouts to you address via zkSync in the next payout period - the first two weeks of the next month.

Ok, so is there a command I need to run to initiate the payout? Or is this option available through the web-ui?

Open, connect your wallet and click Withdraw

At this time there is not a ‘Request Payout’ button. The payout calculation/process still requires manual intervention which means it runs within the first two weeks of the following month.

There was talk of allowing node operators a payout on request option but it is still in development and is not implemented.


You are talking about withdrawing from L2 to L1 I assume? Basically I would like to initiate a payout at any time during the current active period.

Do you mean when you didn’t have your tokens on your L2 address? This is not possible at the moment. The payout process is automated, and it sends payout when the information from nodes and customers have been received and calculated. It happens on fourth day of the next month. Then the payout script would be running to calculate all needed transfers accordingly minimum threshold and separates them by payout methods and sends them as soon as they are ready, preferable in business days.
Sometimes there is manual interventions like a surge pricing for Operators or maybe some bugs, so there could be some delay. Thus we have a payout period stated as a “first two weeks of the next month for earnings from a previous months”.

So I’m a bit confused, because another post from you (Move from $ to Storj for payments to Operators in micro increments - #26 by Alexey) suggests:

The first group will wait to clear a minimum threshold, the second can opt-in for zkSync and get tokens every month or even more frequently.

Now, you are right, I currently have no tokens on my L2 wallet, because I opted-in in the current billing period, so I will receive my first payout sometime in the next period.
You say, one can get tokes “more frequently”, so there must be some possibility for a manual request. Is this achieved via the zksync wallet interface (–> withdraw button)?

You earn tokens every month on the Storj side. L1 SNO’s wait until they’ve hit the threshold, then they’re sent a payout. L2 SNO’s are always sent a payout. Neither type of operator receives tokens faster than monthly at this point.

Because L2/zkSync is cheap, there could be a system to have Storj realize+payout tokens more often than monthly (like on-demand)… but that feature isn’t available either automatically or manually at this point.


@Roxor is right, the possibility of more frequent payouts for opted-in SNO is not implemented yet. If there would be more operators opted-in for zkSync it could have higher priority in backlog.

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