Reset node or try my luck

My node have 2 months and i think it’s not going ok.
You recommend me to continue with this or create a new node to try my luck.

meen you must be kidding, after 2 months you have almost 400GB space use, it it very good. There is small demand now on new data.


Agree. My 2 month old nodes combined have only 200GB of space used.

Vadim is correct. Ingress has been low recently. here’s a snip from a node I have that was started in October 2020.


it’s one of 3 nodes I’m running, so the ingress it received is only 1/3 of the total ingress for my /24 subnet, but for what I’m seeing on your image, your node looks like it’s right on par with what everyone else is/would see in the first two months…

Guys I have Node that is 5 months old and I have 650Gb so same here

each month is different, and some month was very good

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I saw a guy with 500GB in 2 weeks

it is not posible, first 2 weeks are in veeting, you get only 5% of all trafic until 100 audits on each satelite
usualy it takes 1 month+ to get 100 audits on sattelite, on some even more

Maybe in diskspace used category. Not bandwidth used.

Yes diskspace sorry, and other thing how can i check the number of audits on each satellite?

Keep it going it can only get better, not worse unless you disqualify ofc but if you operate as per normal you will be fine.

This post has a command you can run in Powershell. You should use the command for Dashboard is port mapped or Windows GUI (Powershell)