Reset usage/limits

When does usage reset on Tardigrade. I expected new billing cycle to start on Feb 1 and be able to have my limits reset. However my Bandwidth usage did not reset to 0 and stayed same as last month.

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I recall mine resetting around Feb 1 utc time.

EDIT: Ignore me, i didn’t realize this was tardigrade.

Mine is still not reset either

Same problem here ;(

The implementation is after 30 days. Would you expect that it gets reset on the first of the month? (Obviously yes I am just double checking before opening a ticket)

Since the rollup period starts with the 1st of the month, I expect the stats to reset with the rollup period, otherwise it is just confusing to have different values.

From Tardigrade Report page:

Roll Up Period 2/1/2020 to 2/3/2020

Yes, I would expect it to reset if I am paying it monthly (or get free tier monthly). doing 30 day rolling bandwidth limit with monthly storage usage and bandwidth usage report is confusing.

It should be based on the day you start paying for it though, say you paid for it in the middle of the month day 15 it would renew every month on the 15th. If you started paying for it the first then it should reset on the first of every month. Thats how it works. It shouldnt reset on the first of the month if you started it in 15th of the month right?

As far as I know billing is for a month independent on your starting date

Some companies have this flexible and each customer can choose. Would be nice to be able to select the day.

You may want to post that idea on our ideas portal