Resize Storj volume on already running node

hello storj team,
I resized the storm volume with the docker run Command.
now my dashboard looks like this:
Disk -499.5 GB 3.5 TB

do the storj node will erase the 499GB in run time or do I have to erase the data by myself?

When a customer deletes data, the amount of data stored will be reduced on your node. But nobody knows when this will happen.

So it can take a day, a month or even longer until the 500gb will be free again.
If you need the space urgently, you could do a graceful exit for one or more satellites, this will free space immediately.


Do NOT (and I cannot stress this enough) erase the data yourself.
It’ll potentially lead to failed audits and (worst case scenario) a node disqualification.

Other than a graceful exit there is nothing you can do other than, as @striker43 mentioned, wait for the clients to eventually delete the data by themselves (whenever that might be).

I would not recommend to delete any data yourself. And if you do - you will be disqualified on one or more satellites.