Response time of website hosting


I uploaded test version of my website on Stroj, and found that Storj outperform in terms of download speed, but has larger response time which sometimes could be inconsistent, overall it make difference in ~2-3 times, probably depending of time of the day.

So my question: is there some plans to improve performance for web hosting?

Absolutely, we have a weekly meeting regarding it, continual improvement is key. Recent efforts have reduced small object retrieval times by >50% without implementing any sort of caching. The fact that we are seeing small file retrieval in our test of <400ms is awesome. For each file you call the edge gateway contacts the satellite, figures out what pieces to pull, pulls them and erasure encodes and the decrypts.

If you require lower retrieval times than we support today you could consider the use of a CDN in front of STORJ. That being said we wont stop improving.


Awesome, storj team doing a great job, thanks!

Overall, current speed is very good and enough for my tasks, but will look for future updates.

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