Restart with same Node ID after Drive Crash

Hello there!
I used a 3 TB Drive to provide that to Storj.
So about two weeks ago my drive crashed and i lost all Data :frowning:

So i have baught a new 3 TB drive and set all up to Restart with Storj.

So i have a node ID and i removed the node from Docker and put into the docker run command my new drive loc.

At first every thing looks normal and Started Up look expected, soon i got a message that i were disqualified from Saltlake Sat.

So i hoped that this would be the only Sat. where i don´t get Data from but it came how it must came now i am disqual. from every Sat. expect from europe-nord Sat.

So i found out that when a audit fails mutch times or mutch Data get lost you get disqual.

So in my case i don´t have any chance to reach the data because the old Drive is dead.

Now my question:
If i start the node and make a gracefull exit (ok i will lose about 75 $ but better than not having a node run) can i than use the same node ID to restart by zero? Or how can i get to normal Work?

Please help me because i dont know.

Sorry for my bad english

Youll need a New token and id otherwise you will be disqualified soon

and how could i get a new token for my email if i have a existing one? i meen would my email be deleted if i make a gracefull exit?

Here is what my web interface looks like:

The same way you got it the first time

Your existing one is burned now that you lost your data. Id and data are tied so you can’t reuse your id.

For GE you need to have data, you don’t have data so you can’t GE.

Sign up for new token with same email, you will get a new token and start from scratch.

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Thanks a lot
I have just recived a new token! so i start from scrap