Restic + rclone vs. just Rclone

I’m using Storj DCS to backup my Ethereum full node so I can spin up new nodes faster than syncing from the Ethereum network directly. Currently I sync to Storj like this:

rclone sync --progress ~/.ethereum tardigrade:/ethsnapshot

It works pretty good, but I saw in the documentation that there is an integration with restic+rclone that seems to be specialized for backups. Does anyone on the Storj team have any suggestions or maybe can tell me why I should use restic coupled with rclone vs. just rclone sync by itself?

Thanks for any advice you can throw my way!

Yes, we have this documentation:
I would like to suggest you also take a look on Duplicati, it compress data and split to parts then upload, has scheduler and can make diff backups.

Thanks @Alexey. Last question on this that would help my understanding:

If I have a single large file that I’m backing up, like a 100GB .sqlite file, will Duplicati (or restic) only sync the changes to that file in subsequent backups? Or will it re-transfer the whole file everytime it runs a backup like what rclone sync does (since rclone works at the file level)?

The restic creates snapshots, deduplicated with a previous backup, so it would upload a difference:
The Duplicati creates compressed diff backups.

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