Restore a backup from a few hours

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I have hard disk drive with Storj data that works perfectly. I have scheduled a rsync backup each 6 hours to switch to another disk in case of fail. I searched a lot at this forum, but the question is not resolved exactly. The answer normally is: you can’t use backups in Storj. I understand the motivation of this answer. If you try to load a backup from last week, or month it haven’t sense. But from few hours? I can reduce the schedule to 4 hours or modify these parameters.

It could be possible in case of a catastrophic issue? (hard drive die)

Use the other disk like a secondary node, could be possible, but I am exploring alternatives.

Thank you

What about Raid 1?
Or rsync every upload to your node…its not possible

Backups won’t work for any node. Instead start another node on this other drive. If a drive fails you lose that node. All nodes behind same IP will be treated as one. You can search forum for “multiple nodes”.

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It may survive or not. Depending on amount of lost data between backups. More likely it will be disqualified.

You better to start a second node instead.