Restoring Windows OS of Node

Hi, I have a Windows 10 box running my storj node. The data is all located on NAS which is connected via iscsi and that volume is only used for Storj. The install of Storj however is in the default install direction on the C drive (c :\program files\Storj) I was curious what happens if I do a restore of the C drive to a few days ago with the backup software I use on it? Will this affect my node works? I know I will have some downtime but didn’t know what other affects might occur from rolling the c drive back a few days even though the data directory is on a separate volume that won’t be touched by the restore

Hi bdg,

If all of your node data is on the iSCSI target, then rolling back your OS shouldn’t be a problem. You could install the node software on a new PC and as long as you point it at the correct data directory, you won’t loose anything. If you identity file resides on your Windows computer, I would make a separate backup of that just in case. Best practice is to have your identity files located on the same drive as your data, so if you followed that then everything related to the node will be unaffected. I would also backup the config.yaml file.

You might lose some log files though, so if that’s important to you, you should make a copy before you restore. Also, make sure that your iSCSI target is properly mounted after the restore so your node doesn’t run into issues. The only thing that might trip up your node is if the node software version has changed since the backup was made. In that case you would want to update manually after restore. But I don’t think there has been an update recently.

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Awesome thanks for the answer.

There is also Windows specific for storagenode: your orders folder is located in c:\Program Files\Storj\Storage Node\ by default, so if you restore them, you may lost some orders and they will not be paid.
This could be re-configured though, but when you reinstall the storagenode software it will create a new folder there alongside with the config.yaml and you would need to correct order location again. So maybe simpler just have them in the location by default and do not move them. Just backup them before restore and restore this folder after.

You should be fine
I run my nodes in a similar fashion. Though over SAMBA, don’t ask how that works. But I have reinstalled is duet to the C drive failing I keep a copy of the identity with the data it selve so even if the host does the data and identity stays preserved as I run it in raid and the main bot drive is in raid 0 as it doesn’t store any data