Revocations.db - Error: in prepare, file is not a database

I tryed the pragma integrity check on revocations.db and it sais it’s not a database. Is it normal?

c:\sqlite>sqlite3 c:\downloads\revocations.db "PRAGMA integrity_check;"
Error: in prepare, file is not a database (26)

Why are you running integrity check on it ? Are you facing any problem or just researching ?

2 weeks ago I lost internet connection for 3 days, because the external optic fiber was cut down; they relocated it and reconnected me, but Uptime Robot sent me warnings from time to time for 3 more days. They rechecked it and all seems fine now, but I think my online scores keeps dropping. So, I took a screenshot of them to recheck in a few days, and I did the usual steps:

  • tryed to check the logs, Synology DSM didn’t dispayed them…
  • restart the machine,
  • stop and remove node, copy dbs for verification,
  • restart node.
  • pragma integrity check for all and as an extra step I tryed also on revocations.db. Just as a curiosity and to see if it is OK. I know that nobody recommends integrity check on it, but…
    long story short, I did both… researching and node problems.

Then there is only one way:

Unless you checked it while in use.

I don’t think that this file can be checked by sqlite3… or it is in some other format than the main db files.
I checked this file on other nodes that are running fine, in other locations, and they all give the same error. Ofcourse I stopped the nodes before copy and check the files. I also stopped the watchtower, too. The logs put on error level don’t show anything out of ordinary.

Just to be sure, we talk about this file:

not the ones in storage folder:

What this file contains? Is not modified so often as the other db files.

You are correct, I missed the database name somehow.
This database indeed has a different format and it’s used for certificates (include identity), you may Google for “certificate revocation” to understand more deeply.

In short - you do not need to check it.