Rework Satellite approach to more redundancy and load balancing

I have Idea than Sattelite aproach need to reworked.

Today we have Sattelitse that work Address book and controll center but each sattelite is on thais own.
During some sattelites working with high load other smoking arround and do nothing. And thay work like separate networks not like normal network.

My vission of this:

Ass Tardigate is 1 company All sattelites could work like big well mantained wifi network in Univercity, you moove from point to point and it automaticly change settelites with better signal. Today I am in US then it will use US sattelite for better connection, tomorrow I am in europe or part of my company in europe can see my files in network by working with europe sattelites.
For each usser Default sattelite can be the same as now, but it can work with every sattelite depending on fisical location now or client desier or workload/connection is much better on other sattelite.

When clien upload file, sattelite will share this ddress book with other sattelites, so in some moment you can get this files from other sattelites as well.

  1. It will solve workload of sattelites and add balancing to system.
  2. it will resove problems with sattelites go down or mantanca, as other sattelites can mantain file accesibility, it will make storage realy decentrolized.

Other point that can be made separatly thant sattelites can use destrebuted computing power from some nodes to make audits of nodes. Like Make some computing nodes that will be paid some additional charges for checking node Audits, By this we can make network audits work much faster, and know faster than some files need to be rebuilded. Rebuilding function also can be destrebuted to this nodes. By shis we can lower workload on sattelites and make them work faster.


The short would be that real time replication of metadata is really hard and leads to a lot of overhead. I know they are planning on building something that allows you to migrate your data to a new satellite, but that wouldn’t solve this problem.

I don’t think you really need it to use the data from a different location though. Latency between uplink and satellite doesn’t matter all that much as transfers happen directly to the node anyway.

As for letting nodes do audits and repair. I wrote a suggestion to distribute audits a while ago. I wanted to write one for repair too, but never really got around to it.

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