Rpc: dial tcp i/o timeout

I’m attempting to create a 2nd node, with a different IP address/router/etc. When doing: identity authorize storage node ‘my email’:‘my 2nd auth token’, I get the following:
Error: rpc: dial tcp i/o timeout
my valid IP is :

telnet 8888

my traceroute to storj server
traceroute -n certs.alpha.storj.io
traceroute to certs.alpha.storj.io (, 30 hops max, 60 byte packets
1 0.664 ms 0.660 ms 0.802 ms
2 0.619 ms 0.694 ms 0.639 ms
3 0.709 ms 0.606 ms 0.833 ms
4 0.774 ms 0.751 ms 0.907 ms
5 55.834 ms 55.828 ms 0.807 ms
6 4.313 ms 56.538 ms 56.475 ms
7 * 55.876 ms 56.097 ms
8 * 57.638 ms *
9 88.033 ms 37.290 ms 87.974 ms
10 37.227 ms * 88.062 ms
11 90.971 ms * 90.882 ms
12 36.666 ms 36.690 ms 34.838 ms
13 41.710 ms 37.674 ms 40.374 ms
14 112.165 ms 91.635 ms 93.448 ms
15 162.022 ms 109.467 ms 107.808 ms
16 158.780 ms * 189.866 ms
17 * * *
18 241.198 ms 251.356 ms 210.428 ms
19 251.917 ms 209.628 ms *
20 259.809 ms 265.627 ms 258.668 ms
21 206.510 ms * 263.259 ms
22 * * 259.503 ms

connect: Connection timed out

How to troubleshoot further/fix?


Hello @vahidimr49 ,
Welcome to the forum!

Please, check your firewall - it should not block any outgoing traffic.

I don’t have any firewall in our network or OS firewall . This server has located in Iran. Do you have any restrictions for this country?

I do not know. But Google could block it (our services are hosted in Google cloud).

Can you try to use a different location?

I tested from another location and everything working properly. We have 20 Tb Storage in one of DC in Iran. Do you have any suggestions for fixing this issue? Or can we use proxy or vpn for bypass this issue?


I have no solution against politicians, sorry.
The only way is to use VPN. But you will be forced to do so for storagenode too, because no one of the satellites could contact your node and will fail audits and as result will be quickly disqualified.
If you decide to use a VPN, you need to use a VPN with port forwarding option, like portmap.io, ngrok, PIA, PureVPN, AirVPN, etc.
However, I would say it’s not profitable to run nodes in any DC: Topics tagged vps

I found this in our terms:

Node Terms and Conditions section 15. Export Compliance Node Operator Terms & Conditions

Node Operator shall not access or use the Storage Node Software or provide the Node Operator Service in a U.S.-embargoed or any sanctioned country or region or in violation of any U.S. export law or regulation.

And for customers:

Section 14. Export restrictions in Terms of Service | Storj
The Storage Services may not be used in any country that is subject to an embargo by the United States, and Customer may not use the Storage Services in violation of any export restriction or embargo or sanctions by the United States or any other applicable jurisdiction.

So, if Iran is in the sanctioned by US list of countries, it will not work neither for customers, nor node operators, sorry.
Moreover - it’s prohibited. I.e. - it may be not paid either or blocked.

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