Run a node without docker

how can I run a node without docker?

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You do not need docker with a GUI install on windows. In the docs under setup, chose “GUI Install - Windows”.

Here is a video tutorial on the setup.

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@Enzo thanks very much, I am not on Windows though.

On that docs page there is a linux cli install section as well but that includes only docker based installation

Yes, with a CLI install you must use docker. You can only NOT run docker on windows.

Extract storagenode binary from docker image, create systemd service, edit config.yaml
Check this post where i ask for arm binary.

But if you have docker image for you platform simple use docker cp command

@Enzo No you don’t HAVE TO run Docker. You don’t even have to use the precompiled binary. I’v been running my node for weeks by now, with a self-compiled storagenode binary.

@smurfix @Krey thanks, all working nicely.

Ok, thanks @smurfix, good to know! :slight_smile: