Running a Bitcoin node on Storj

Has somebody a idea or tutorial how to run a bitcoin node on the Storj Network. I mean not on the PC where the node is running.

I don’t understand the question. The Storj network does not support other types of chains like Bitcoin…

I mean running a node on Storj e.g. Bitcoin Node or a Ethereum node ?

There is nothing specific - you can run any software on the same PC. If it will use HDD or CPU too much - your Storj node likely will lose races more often, but it’s all what you need to know regarding compatibility.

i think, jensamberg wnat to just store space of Bitcoin fullnode in Storj network, i get it its too much space to have it on Your own computer, i would be interested too, i guess You would have to run the Bitcoin Node on the pc, but is theres a way to strore its heavy space taking files in stroj (not on local hdd) somehow

Oh, I see. You can mount the Storj DCS bucket to the local folder with rclone. But it will use the space on your PC anyway, because it’s a sync solution.

However, you can mount the bucket using s3-compatible tools without a synchronization of all data. I’m not sure is the Bitcoin or Ethereum node could use such a mounted bucket.

If you want to share a blockchain state to bootstrap a node - it’s possible too:

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Yes exactly @Ruskiem I researching how to host a Tezos node in the first step on a decentralized cloud. Not hosting just where a SNO is running