Running bandwidth for active node (not shard load)

Seeing nearly a constant stream of 2-10Mbps, 20-30+ IP connections, and 100-600 packets at any given time.
(Not under a load) Understanding this is in testing phases. Wondering if the packets load for standby nodes will drop.

This is ONLY port ingress and egress from my router. All other traffic has been filtered out.

Imagine this is how there neighborhood size works. Is there plans to bring these stats down? Cause from what I can see these are not counting towards my ingress and egress.

Note: Bandwidth is not a challenge for me. More or less giving feedback on what I’m seeing. Which would greatly effect others with not the same capacity of connectivity.


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Hey @aeonaura!

The amount of connections and “background” traffic is going to stay in that neigborhood.
Your storagenode can not store the entire network in its local routing table (and also doesnt need to).
As the entire system is a P2P network, you would see the same behaviour on a Torrent Client.

I am also seeing a few of your connections are my upload server’s IP Addresses, which also somewhat makes it hard for you to exactly filter out what is active traffic and what is necessary protocol overhead.

Hope this explains you a few things and solves this question!

Was shocked to see the overhead to be that high is all. Once again doesn’t affect me, but certainly would affect someone with 10-20mbps connection.

Is the final software going to be like an Electron app? Or is docker the final form?

How the final binary will look like is TBD.
Docker will be a possible way to run the binary, but unlikely the final and preferred solution.