Running Disk In partition

So I set up my Account and I have 4 HHDs Disk 2=1T Disk 3=250G Disk 4=120G Disk 5=2T
I combined them in my partition as D: 1 storage Space =3.37T. Will I have any problems doing this?
Also I would like to add another HHD that is 120G space is this possible without having to start a new node?

How did you combine them? If a Windows spanned drive then this is not recommended. If one drive fails your node will be cancelled for all data. Storj recommend one node per HDD.

For the drive sizes you have forget disk 3 and 4, they are too small. Just run one node initially on disk 5 as it has the most space. Then once that is full you could start another node on Disk 2.


What do you mean by windows spanned drive?

so I split my Disk and am just using my 1Tb Disk should I wait till its nearly full before adding my 2Tb Disk or should I set it up sooner?

It’s up to you. As both nodes would be in the same machine, presumably on the same public IP address, the ingress data would be the same amount - all going to just one node or would be split if you had two nodes. Starting both nodes now will decrease the vetting time compared to vetting one node and then vetting a second node.

I’m not sure if two vetting nodes reduce vetting time, more like the opposite.

They call it Simple spaces, this is RAID0 with zero reliability - your node will be disqualified with one disk failure.
You can run several nodes, one per HDD, it’s better to do not use partitions for them though - they will be slow and likely will affect your other load for the other partition, the disk will wear quickly.