Running Node on VPS

Hi there,

is there a node operator uses a VPS as storj node? Im looking for a VPS Provider in germany, there i can run a node without any problems, and without break there Conditions.
Any experience outside?!

I can recommend looking into dedicated servers, and not waste money for a VPS, any VPS can’t offer so much storage is needed for storage node. Another concern, is VPS network stack, you will have poor storagenode efficiency and can’t do anything with it.

With a root i think a cant work cover the costs. i find a VPS here KS-3 2TB 9,51€ - around 11$/m… but i cant find any informations about traffic

As far as I know they don’t have a traffic limit on there 100mbit/s servers.

I’m running storage nodes on multiple VPS all around the world and it works well.
Some of my nodes are very cheap (1TB for ~$2.5/mo) and (currently) quite profitable.

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can u tell me wich provider?

I got the 8TB nodes from , it was a deal and they sold out quickly. But they also do custom plans, just contact them maybe they have a slot left for you.

If you are looking for a storage VPS in Germany you could use , but they have a bandwidth limit.

If you use a VPS I would really recommend you to take a KVM or XEN VPS (like the ones from the providers above).
You can run docker on OpenVZ 7, but it’s still experimental (it does not work on OpenVZ 6 VPS).

thanks for your response. Now ive ordered a kimsufi dedicated server before u answer. =D

There is nothing wrong with kimsufi (OVH) :+1: .
But idk if there is a IPv4 include. I lately had a IPv6 only VPS and I ran into errors with Storj because they don’t support IPv6 only nodes.
If so you need to setup a IPv6 to IPv4 tunnel on your server (or order an additional IPv4).

one IPv4 and one IPv6 is include

Node is online and running, monitored in grafana :smiley:

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I use VPS and all is alright

Hi @terrajon, welcome to the forum.
I’m curious, what’s your ROI with a VPS hosted node?
How much does it cost you per month? How much does your node earn?
How much data is it storing?

Finding a VPS that offers you as much storage as you need isn’t straightforward. Are few VPS that provides a lot of storage. And even if it exists, it costs a lot. I was also looking for cheap VPS storage, and I finally found it. I found it thanks to some friends of mine who thank them enormously. On Cheap Storage VPS hosting - Storage VPS server - Time4VPS, you can find VPS storage options from 1.49 euros per month to 65 euros per month which is a very reasonable price. Browse them on the website. Maybe you will find something suitable for your needs.

As reasonable as these prices may seem, this is still way too expensive considering how much one can earn with Storj.

As an example, their 2TB plan costs 4.99€/mo (which is roughly $5.65) although a 2TB storage node has a maximum potential of $5.60/mo (and I’m not factoring in the 6 months to get to that point, the vetting period and so on…)

Oh and, I love the little grey line they don’t want you to see: “9.99 EUR/mo. when you renew”.
So, clearly not interesting at all from my point of view.

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I got a few servers (2tb for 3.99€ monthly) and they generate around 6€ per month (thats with egress traffic) but i guess once they are full they only pay for themself

Are you also running on Time4VPS? Isn’t their OpenVZ kernel too old for docker?

There was another way of using a vps that would be cheaper - forwarding the traffic to a node you self hosted. I think @SGC was doing this at some point. SGC, can you give any details?

it works, but it does add a bit of latency and takes nearly a year sometimes more to just offset the cost of the vps / ip.
also getting multiple ip’s can be a pain, because the cheaper cloud providers are getting close to being filled, best case there seems to be storj nodes on 30% of their subnets and up to like 60-70%.

but yeah relaying traffic works, ofc there is also the little thing that it doubles the required bandwidth at the cloud provider because its a relay, which can in some cases be an issue.

initially the reason why i went with the relay idea was because i am planning of getting a Tier 1 connection, so i can announce my own ip’s addresses, instead of having to go through 3rd party data centers.

but if one isn’t planning on building like a home data center, storing directly on the vps might be a decent option, really depends on the pricing and the limitations of the specific vps / baremetal

there are also options that one can rent rack space in a datacenter and setup one’s own gear, haven’t tried that… but it’s certainly an interesting option.
ofc it does limit access to the hardware a lot because datacenters usually have pretty strict security.

doing storj for profit, one really need the gear to do other functions also, dedicated storj setup’s are just very difficult to say the least


But for forwarding the traffic to your home server you don’t really need a VPS, you just need an VPN provider that allows you port forwarding. Might be cheaper


You are right, however, there is downside as well. The VPN providers with port forwarding feature are rare, and they have a limited number of access points (public IPs), so with high probability your node will not be only one on /24 subnet of public IPs, which will reduce the traffic (if not accounting a latency).