Running one more slow node in a multi-node network

I’m running multiple nodes on the same windows 11 computer. One of them has a hard drive that reads, writes and responds significantly slower than the rest. Will running this slow node affect the reputation and income of other nodes?

every node is separate.

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All nodes behind the same subnet /24 of a public IP are treated as a single node for ingress traffic and as separate ones for egress traffic (to the customers, repair and audit) - this is because we want to be decentralized as much as possible.

This is what worries me. Will the slow node make the satellites understand that all my nodes are slow nodes?

No, as Vadim said, every node is unique with it’s own ID from Satellite view.

Also, the Satellites don’t distinguish slow nodes, that is done by the client.

Also, The speed of your slow node is not used in deciding to send traffic to it currently, the network relies on slow nodes being dropped by client.

The only thing to remember is that if your slow node is so slow that it starts failing Repair requests, or Audit requests then you could start seeing the reputation of that node only decreasing.