Running our own Satellite Node

Just asking, since this is OPEN SOURCED, How can we actually run or be another Satellite Node selling dataspace to others, not just based on the current 6? If we are to get more people on board and earn money, this has to go forth.

I have a 10Gbps DIA here to be the Sat and wondering what exactly is needed.



Hello @azrin!

Thank you for this great question!
Anyone of us can currently operate a satellite, but the drawback/problem currently is, that the storagenode network does not trust your satellite if it’s not on this List:

We have a big chunk of work on our roadmap for beginning of next year to bring up community satellites and implement a process to vet those satellites ( as it needs to be trusted enough to handle the payments and personal data of the SNOs ).

That said, you can still operate a satellite and configure nodes manually to trust this satellite, but this involves you reaching out to our current SNOs or operate them your own.

Our current focus is on making the customer experience great, then improve on the satellite distribution side via community/third Party driven satellites.

I hope this explains the background enough. :slight_smile:


hey @stefanbenten, Welcome back and thanks for the respond.
I know it’s a work in progress and likewise of payment etc but if there are proper requirements etc, it would help lessen your workload too as I believed in StorJ from the start , despite my wife making a huge fuss over this Farming thingy.

Likewise, how can I set one of my own, using my own nodes *(which I can try mirror across the networks, as primarily , we are located in SE Asia and Co-Hosted in DC that host Microsoft and other Clouds too.

More people use us, more better it be, and more earnings for everyone.

We could even pay in other cryptos, as I’m linked off with ScotCoin Projects.

Thanks again.

Especially since those requirements are not fixed and set in stone, we cannot really give an good advice here yet. Especially since the protocol level is changing very frequent and much, the requirements are changing as well.
As you might know i have been operating a satellite and as it is currently shutdown, you might get an idea that there is something in the works already :slight_smile:

Especially the payment requirements to the SNO is a very tricky part to solve, to ensure it does not rely on Storj Labs.

If you want to get familar with how to operate a satellite i can recommend reading through the source code for our storj-sim binary :slight_smile:


I just want to say that i host some Nodes and now im ready to host a satelite. Server is ready to run :smiley:

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Same I’m more than happy to give some disk space to a new satellite even if it’s not on the trusted list.
With the current ingress I’m ready to take a chance of not getting paid…

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I’m not sure I’d trust your satellite. A single server is a high risk. Tardigrade satellites are run on clusters.

Apart from that, I’m not sure how I’m going to trust a satellite operator to pay all SNOs monthly.
As stefan said, a trust process for satellites seems to be a good thing in the future.

How does that change if you would run your own satellite? As a satellite operator, you would have to pay the storage nodes. You can take a shortcut and just take one of the tardigrade satellite to pay for lets say 100 TB of download traffic. The math is more or less the same.

I agree whit you 100%.
It was a little bit fun. I have not one Server. I have 5 xD

If StorJ would say in the future they want to run some test satelites when SNOs host them, i will be here.
I have so much Hardware here and would invest it to support the StorJ projekt, but never would do something that dont support the projekt or do maybe any bad things that people maybe pissed because i make a misstake and the think it was a storj misstake. :wink:

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I was talking about storing data for a satellite that’s not run by storj and take the risk that it might not pay for stored data at the end of the month.