Running storj node on docker in Openmediavault 4

I had a problem with my VMs, one of them was running a storj node. Unfortunately I forgot to unmount the virtual hard drive where the storj data was saved, and deleted the Windows VM with all the storj data. Now my node is disqualified. I wanted to run storj node with docker. Is there a tutorial or something like that, because I’m a Linux/docker noob. I’m Windows user since day one and always prefer gui, but I think it will be better running storj via docker, for mir stability, also the storj data won’t be “locked” in a vdi file and will be accessible much easier. Is it possible to create an identity on Windows, transfer it to my Linux server and use it there for my stroj node?

Thanks in advance.

Yes you can, most SNOs do this if the node is on Rpi.
Besides, I can recommend Openmediavault 4 and 5 as a host for the Storj node.

How do I access the dashboard from outside? On windows it was localhost:14002, in the yaml file I changed the local host to the nodes ip Adress. Is there a yaml file too on docker?

There is a “docker run” command in docker … and in it, among others,

-p \

you change to

-p 14002:14002 \

and you have access from a computer in the LAN