Running the node through PIA VPN

Hi all, I’m trying to run one node via the VPN and in the tutorial says that we can ask here for a free license.

So… Can the moderator help me??

Thanks in advance.

You are referring to an outdated article from our deprecated old Knowledge base. We no longer use Confluence which is where you found that deprecated article. The new Knowledge base on Zendesk contains an updated version of that same article and there you can see that we no longer currently offer those free licenses. It was for a limited time only. You should only need to use such a VPN if you cannot get your ISP to allow you to open ports yourself on your router, and have no way to switch to another ISP which does.

Ok, thanks. Perhaps it’s a good idea to mark the article as outdated/deprecated :slight_smile:

the entire Confluence Knowledge base is deprecated. If you use our link to you will be directed to our new Knowledge Base and help desk. Please discontinue use of any Confluence articles. I believe we already announced the move to Zendesk a few months ago. Thanks for alerting us that the old helpdesk is still visible to users on Confluence. I have reported this to our product manager to follow up.

Update: Our old Confluence Knowledge Base has now been completely deprecated, meaning that users can no longer accidentally find old irrelevant articles there. Everyone should be using the Zendesk Knowledge Base and Help Center at now