Running Windows EXE

I found Github page, there is windows binary file.

I execute this because there it is!

Yeah. It runs smoothly and no error.

Hello @Karama welcome to the forums, yes the devs publish binary files in github however at the moment that is not the official method to run a node. The fact that it works just means the devs are working hard to get the code working properly but still you should use the official supported method which is using docker.

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If you read the changelog carefully you will find this information:

This release contains a storage node windows binary. We publish it in order to implement and test auto updates. Please don’t use the binary and wait until we have finished the auto update feature.

At the moment we support only docker. If you get any problems with the windows binaries we will not be able to help you and you will most likely get disqualified. -> Stay on docker and wait until we are ready to support other options.

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I turn back debian VM and wait binary official release