S3 Access Using Minio.Sharp

S3 always returns access denied, an issue with the signature using minio.sharp. Also fails using S3 browser application https://s3browser.com/

Has anyone used the minio client library successfully with storej? What S3 library works?

The s3 Browser application error is:

[2023-01-20 18:27:52] Task failed (SignatureDoesNotMatch: The request signature we calculated does not match the signature you provided. Check your key and signing method.) TaskID: 11

I am certain the s3 credentials are correct, tripple checked them.

Hello @rcarlisle,
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It’s not about your credentials, it’s about used AWS signature. Please configure your software to use v4 of AWS signature, also do not forget to specify gateway.storjshare.io endpoint with SSL (443) support. Without providing a custom endpoint, your software will try to use Amazon S3 instead of Storj DCS.
See also S3 Browser - Storj DCS Docs

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Thank you! Configuring for v4 signatures was the issue. I also noticed that items i place in a bucket through the browser vs s3 are not visible to each other. I cant see items through s3 that i upload through the browser. i am guessing this is due to the s3 password for server side encryption is different from the password entered from the browser?

Correct. You must use the same password to see the same files.

Thank you for reply. I did not see a way to enter a “password” through S3, only access key and secret. I was under the impression that through S3 the server manages the password. Now I realize i had it backwards. The password i created when i created the share for s3 is the one i enter in the browser to see the data stored by S3.


You need to recreate S3 credentials with the correct encryption phrase. Or use the same encryption phrase as when you created S3 credentials.