S3 region required

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I am trying to use StorJ as a storage for my Gitpod app running in selfhosted Kubernetes cluster.

The issue is that Gitpod requires the “region” for S3 to save the settings:

What should I put there to make the S3 connection working? I searched the webs and Storj docs, but found no answer to this. I understand that STORJ does not use regions…from the fundamentals of its working, but I need a value that will work and be accepted by Gitpod. :slight_smile:

Thank you!

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you need to write satelite where you made account
i think it cold be EU1, US1, AP1

You should be able to enter anything (you could use us1 for example) in the Storage region field in the form. It’s required by many S3 libraries, but is ignored by our S3 api.

You should also update the Endpoint to https://gateway.storjshare.io

Hello @DJIronic,
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You may specify anything what you like in the region field, it doesn’t used in Storj DCS.
I would only add some clarification - the endpoint should be gateway.storjshare.io (without https://).